Zoe Harkomb diet (three stages slimming)

Zoya Harkomb – a well-known English nutritionist who developed the diet not only to maintain an ideal weight, but also to get rid of the annoying hunger and constantly tormenting guilt.

Zoe has experienced anorexia, bulimia attacks, so are familiar with the problems that are inherent in wishing to lose weight.

As a nutritionist, Zoe Harkomb leads various programs on TV about a balanced diet, and weight loss secrets of the main causes of weight gain.

According to Zoe, who strive to gain a slim figure there is nothing worse than constantly count calories, not to eat more than normal on a diet.

Secret to losing weight, according to Zoe, is based on eating foods that do not cause wild appetite, and which can be eaten in unlimited quantities without fear better.

Also should be excluded from the diet foods that according to the author contribute to the formation of food addiction: soybeans, peanuts, wheat, sugar, dairy products, peas, eggs.

Zoya Harkomb identified three main causes of hunger:

– The excess of the fungus Candida Albicans. These yeasts are normally present in the intestine and other organs of man, but also in their uncontrolled reproduction in humans may be eating disorders. Can start irresistible craving for sweets, appear rampant hunger.

– Food addiction. If a person eats a long time the same food, then after a while it turns into a “food addict”, able to overeat favorite food, constantly increasing the size of the portions and feeling extremely uncomfortable, if these products are excluded from the diet.

– Hypoglycemia. Blood sugar levels in humans falls and there is a need to eat something sweet or flour.

If a person has at least one of these reasons, curb hunger will be quite difficult. For such people try Zoya Harkomb recommends a three-step diet that has a positive effect on health, general well-being and allow excess kilos “go in English.”

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, infancy, a weakened immune system, a condition after an illness, undergoing surgery, etc.

First stage of the diet (designed for five days)

In fact, the first step – it’s a fight with the first cause of chronic hunger – the fungus Candida. Therefore excluded from the menu, all products containing sugar (cakes, candy, cookies, and fruit). Fall under the ban of yeast products, vinegar, bakery, prepared foods, pickles and smoked cheese.

Also worth reduce dependence on food grains and milk. To do this from the daily diet eliminated all dairy products (yogurt leave costs only and yogurt) and a variety of cereals (except not white rice). Allowed to eat fresh fish, lean natural meat, eggs, vegetables and tofu.
Of drinks you can use green and rather weak black tea, plain water, coffee without sugar and milk, herbal teas. At this stage to help the body, you need to add in food multivitamin complexes.

During the first phase of the diet you can lose 3 to 5 kg.

Sample menu diet for one day

Breakfast: two boiled eggs, salad of fresh greens and vegetables (200 grams), coffee without sugar and milk (250 ml).
Lunch: soup with fresh cabbage (300 mL), salad (150 grams), green tea leaf (200 mL).
Dinner: boiled beef (150 grams), vegetable salad (150 grams), drinking water (200 mL).
Second dinner yogurt (250 mL).

Second stage of the diet (lasts as long as necessary to achieve the desired weight)

For this stage will be the most important rule of three “no”:

– Do not include in the diet of processed foods and ready meals: dumplings, sausages, sauces, sausages, etc.
– Do not connect in the same meal fats and carbohydrates.
– Do not eat foods that cause strong appetite.

It is important to make sure that does not appear strong feeling of hunger. There is a need as much as sufficient for saturation, without overeating.

Sample menu diet for one day

Breakfast: yogurt without filler (150 grams), coffee without sugar and milk (250 ml).
Lunch: soup on lean meats (300 mL), salad cucumber and tomato (150 grams), green tea leaf (200 mL).
Dinner: lean baked fish (150 grams), vegetable salad (150 grams), drinking water (200 mL).
Second Supper: yogurt (250 mL).

Third stage of the diet (can last a lifetime)

This stage takes a lot easier than the first, because the extra weight is already reset and remains only to keep it in the desired range.

Of banned products are only semi-processed and all processed foods. Recommended to engage in sports and choose unrefined foods (eg, whole grain bread, brown rice, etc.)

Sample menu diet for one day

Breakfast: two boiled eggs, coffee without sugar and milk (250 ml).
Lunch: mushroom soup (300 mL) sliced ​​vegetables (150 grams), green tea leaf (200 mL).
Dinner: boiled chicken breast (150 g), boiled brown rice (100 grams), vegetable salad (150 grams), drinking water (200 mL).
Second Supper: biokefir (250 mL).

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