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It has become very fashionable to teach the story of his birth on numerous websites and forums dedicated to motherhood. Ostensibly this should help prepare for childbirth pregnant. However, reading these posts, pregnant seeing mostly negative. On easy childbirth, childbirth without pain there is little stories. Therefore, in each future mother, especially if she is pregnant for the first time, seems that it should unbearable pain and suffering. However, easy birth is possible. You will. Main prepare.

Really painful regular childbirth could be the case of complete unpreparedness, both physical and psychological. And as unprepared – transient state while you are pregnant hurry to fix it.

Physical unpreparedness can occur at all stages of childbirth. The most painful manifestations of the generative process is usually considered contractions and stretching the birth canal during the expulsion of the fetus. Unprepared for the woman in labor contractions will be painful to relive them, and by the end it will be exhausted by the clashes that impede the continuation of inertia. To overcome the pain of contractions willingness to help control your body, especially the ability to relax specific muscles. Pregnant should begin early to train the muscles of the pelvis. The ability to freely stretch and weaken them, combined with correct breathing can greatly reduce pain in childbirth.

Unwillingness of women can be the cause of ruptures of the birth canal during the expulsion of the fetus. Pain when stretching the birth canal will be reduced if pregnant simply is in good physical shape. To find the physical form, the expectant mother is best to lead an active lifestyle. Pregnancy is not a testimony to bed rest. In contrast, pregnant it would be nice to walk as much as possible. By antenatal clinic could not get transport and on foot. If there are no medical contraindications that pregnant may well accompany her husband to rest. And forget about marital debt of nine months is not necessary. But the amount of physical activity is better, of course, be selected individually in each case. However, it is clear that after an at home, or worse, in health care facilities for the entire period of pregnancy, the expectant mother is unlikely to adequately prepare for childbirth.

Psychological unpreparedness. According to control pain in our body meets the brain. A man unprepared often constrained by fear of the unknown. Unprepared for childbirth she might be afraid of any change in the body, any act of the generative process. The muscles tense instinctively frightened man. A woman that bears absolutely need the ability to relax, hence it can not be afraid.

To prepare for the event, a woman must learn the theory of labor. It would know that the birth consists of three successive periods, each period corresponds to a certain feeling. Then during delivery will be clear that nothing unplanned happens and not about fear.

It is imperative to tune a woman not of pain, but that it will take place smoothly and runs well. Give birth, it is not to suffer pain and to finally meet the long-awaited baby. In creating a positive attitude can help a pregnant auditory training.

Other positive pregnant can affect the attempt to change the attitude towards childbirth. Collective consciousness prepares women for that delivery – this anguish and pain. But the reality, it works for the benefit of a new life. Yes, not easy, but what results!

Light delivery possible. Expectant mother just have to prepare myself not to torture, and to ensure that everything goes well. And how could it be otherwise? You are giving a new life!

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