Why men should not be taken at birth?

Not all spouses suitable partner delivery. Told obstetrician told Maxim Wozniak. “Partnering delivery today selects every second wife – says Maxim. – When preparing the pregnant woman before delivery, please think twice about whether to take on a man. Almost from all men can receive the same support. Anecdote about how people lost consciousness at birth from his wife, often turn into reality. “

According to Wozniak, do not take the delivery man if he does not want it.

In my experience, a woman persuaded her husband to be present at birth and still regrets this – says the doctor. – The man survived and saw something that totally was not ready. His wife gave birth to 16 hours. Contractions were weak. Cervix revealed slowly had to chop oxytocin for the baby’s heartbeat every time prosluhovuvalos getting stronger. drip After the pain she began to moan. During labor broke, she left a few stitches. Yet it is in front of the frightened man.

He says that experience the birth partner for the marriage ended in failure.

Even at 6 weeks after birth, when it was possible to restore the sex life between partners, people afraid to approach a woman. Initially told that fear hurt her. Then – that she was no longer involved. Restore the relationship they have not helped even courses with a psychologist . When I see that people are not ready to leave, ask him to leave the chamber when starting power.

Please do not bring on labor men who love to abuse alcohol.

If a man loves a drink, in 90 percent of cases, he gets drunk before, while the wife depart water. One patient gave birth overnight. Husband take time off in the morning back home to collect the eldest son to school. Returned an hour later a drunk that the House was not allowed.

Do not take with annoying and impatient.

Experience shows that these men are panicking even more women. One played on mobile games. When the battery village begged the doctor to speed up delivery. Offered $ 500 to the wife had a cesarean because worn to wait. But now no one will do a c- intersection of the pregnant woman, for that there is no medical indication. remember how last year was on duty the night shift. husband went to bed and slept for women in labor., I woke several times to give his wife to lie down and rest, and she begged him not to bother, but give sleep. Typically, these men prosplyat and childbirth and the early years of life. From this parent will not wait, it will become a night to feed or change the baby’s diapers.

Instead, people can call for partnerships birth mother, sister or friend.

I will not deny there are men who support women better mothers and girlfriends: drive in the toilet and shower, back massage during labor, help to perform exercises on the Swedish side and fytbole. But there is very little” – said Wozniak.

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