Whipped hair. How Come? What to do?

Whipped hair
Whipped hair

Visible in the root. Why is hair whipped?

  • Most are cut and stratified long hair, because the power of long hair is not uniform over the entire length. Very often gets the nutrients roots and few centimeters below the root of the hair.
    So the first reason – a lack of food.
  • Adverse weather conditions. Summer hair becomes dry due to rabid properties of ultraviolet radiation, and in the winter because of the cold and wind.
  • Adversely affects the health of hair care products: gels, varnishes, mousses, curling irons, irons, hair dryers and curlers. We are, as they say, with their own hands kill the beauty in the pursuit of beauty. Somehow very literally we’ll treat the phrase “Beauty requires sacrifice.”
  • Our desire for perfection and the lack of a sense of proportion in this pursuit kill hair. Perming and coloring hair colors also contribute to the destruction of the hair. In this case, hair loses moisture almost completely.
  • Now, many recognize themselves! Frequent stress, abuse of cigarettes, a nap or lack thereof, eating lots of sweets, lack of fluids you drink, here you can add on bad ecology cities.

What to do if hair began to delaminate?

You can not look at my split ends, you can not ignore his awful hair, putting them in a bundle.

If these options do not suit you, remember that delaminated flakes have no glue, the subsequent destruction to stop completely impossible, but everyday the installation procedure, drying, straightening will only worsen an already hopeless situation.

And here we are, realizing the abysmal problem nosimsya to find cosmetics with cherished inscription on the vial for “split ends”. We buy everything, trying, experimenting. And more often than not the result! After the hair has cross-sections and glue this mess is impossible.

The first and most important step – “resuscitation”.

The best thing that you can do at the first stage – is to cut off the ends of the delaminated as possible, leaving only healthy hair. It is advisable that you should turn to a good master who will not leave split ends. Hairdressers in this case advised haircut hot scissors, which, as it were sealed ends of her hair.

If you have repeatedly faced such a problem, you should not neglect the advice: cut the ends of her hair once every 2 months to a few centimeters. And to reinforce his desire to “save hair” bring a few cut hair at home and look at them under a microscope and a magnifying glass. Your hair is like a shaggy broom, not a pleasant sight!

The second stage – struggle with the main enemy.

Hair dryers, curling irons, ironing remove the clock in the farthest corner of the house. During treatment, the hair can not use them. Also advise all abandon metal combs. The ideal option would be a wooden comb with rounded ends. During treatment, try to rarely wear hair clips and rubber bands, let your hair rest and gain strength.

The third stage – receiving essential pills.

Be sure to start taking vitamins. It was a good idea to consult with a specialist, what vitamins are needed to address this problem. To supply the hair is very well suited vitamins A and E, which are sold both separately and in combination with other vitamins and trace elements.

The fourth stage – proper nutrition.

Give up snacking, start eating right, “healthy food”. Include in your menu cheese, cereals and nuts, fish and olive oil, preferably cold-pressed.

The fifth stage – treatment of household masks Babulin bins. 150 years ago there was no ready-made shampoos and hair masks, but judging by the pictures of the time, women are different from the modern lady beautiful healthy hair. Their secret is known: the power of natural cosmetics and herbs. They knew all the useful properties of plants and skillfully use them.

Homemade mask for split ends

kefir mask

Apply on hair yogurt throughout. Put on a shower cap and a scarf. And you can safely go to sleep. In the morning, wash off the yogurt. This mask is made 1 day a week.

Mask of henna.

Henna is sold in stores. The recipe of preparation is always indicated on the package. This mask is very well strengthens hair.

Mask of olive oil.

Apply warmed olive oil on hair for 30 minutes. Put on a shower cap. Then thoroughly rinse your hair.

The mask of sour cream butter.

Mix sour cream with olive (vegetable) oil. Leave this mask on the hair for an hour. Then thoroughly rinse your hair with shampoo.

Mask of burdock oil.

Mix 2 tablespoons of burdock oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 egg yolk. This wonderful mask will be stubborn. Because the water for rinsing the head, you can add a little vinegar or juice of 1 lemon.

Most importantly, remember that the split ends is easier to prevent than to cure!

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