Where is it best to have a baby?

Childbirth and childbirth today 50 years ago - what more?

Previously, women wanted and gave birth to children in hospitals, but now the opposite is true. Nowadays, many expectant mothers decide to give birth at home rather than in the maternity ward. The choice between hospital and home really hard. Because in hospitals, and hospitals have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The most important advantage of giving birth at home is that the woman is in a familiar environment and comfortable for her. In his native nest with her are her closest people who really are waiting for the child, because it is a very important event for the whole family.Home all the relatives are trying as much as possible, to help new mother, as well as possible to facilitate the flow of one of the most significant events for every woman. When Mom is in the hospital, at her spinning doctors who almost indifferent to it, its strife and pain, because for them it is a familiar work, and they do not support the lying-in woman psychologically. At the sight of the hospital with her cold environment, as well as a variety of tools that are on the table near the expectant mother and very much afraid of a woman. A woman in labor with a strong wave that has a bad effect on her condition.

When a woman gives birth at home, she takes that position, which is convenient to her. At the hospital, a woman preparing to process in a normal position, lying on his back. It has long been proven that such a position is comfortable doctors, and not my mother. Always the most comfortable posture posture was squatting or all fours. Also the biggest advantage is that the woman will not leave with the baby.

It should be noted that in order to birth at home were successful need to be well prepared for their loved ones so that they can help mom and baby. Do not forget that there may be severe birth and will need medical help. In this case, there is everything you need to rescue the baby in the hospital. Also worth noting is that the observed sterility in hospitals, which eliminates the risk that the baby will catch something. When it all goes to the hospital, the woman will be restored.

Nowadays, there are many maternity hospitals, which comply with the conditions similar to home. Woman gives a separate room in which there is only she and her baby, mother, you can visit my mother. At birth may be the father. This is the most favorable way out, since the conditions at home, but in the case of unforeseen complications in the baby or mother they will have health care.

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