When it’s time to gather in the hospital or the harbingers of birth?

When it's time to gather in the hospital or the harbingers of birth?

Every expectant mother, and especially expecting first child, is not afraid to catch the hospital and begins to panic for no reason and occasions. Not cost so worried anyway – you first or second baby, in a stock you have 2-3 hours to be in safe hands. Approximately 2-4 weeks before delivery in pregnant women under the influence of hormones there are processes which are the “harbingers of labor.”

All precursors genera are divided into three groups:

– Relief (about a month before the birth, you feel that you can breathe easier as stomach dropped a little but nonetheless, sitting and walking became more difficult, decreased appetite, weight becomes a few pounds less);

– Most deliveries (frequent adventures to the bathroom, sometimes frustration, pain in the lower abdomen);

– Baby on the way (varies greatly fetal activity, the body begins after the 30th week of preparing for childbirth, which contributes to false labor, and they differ from the actual fact that painless, irregular, there is no reduction in the interval);

The woman at the end of pregnancy may not be all precursors. Usually 2-3 trait approach childbirth, but these may be absent altogether. But still, there are two main features of the birth. Firstly, it is the fight, accompanied by a dull ache in the lower back or hips, gradually the pain increases, although in the intervals between contractions she is absent. Contractions are repeated on average every 15-20 minutes, and eventually the interval is reduced to 2-3 minutes. After the appearance of regular contractions can be collected in the hospital.

Also labor may begin with a discharge or leakage of amniotic fluid, with full rupture of membranes water poured stream.

The body of each individual woman and, therefore, every birth is unique: who they are as written in the book, and someone quickly. In any case, the harbingers configures every future mother to see you soon with the baby.

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