What you need individual support during labor?

What you need individual support during labor?

Fears about the upcoming birth can be set. They are quite specific, but more often it is a conglomeration of several fears, with the prevailing fear of the unknown. I can handle? How strong are my feelings in labor? I will not harm your child’s behavior? How will the situation in the hospital? How to behave like doctors and midwives? Questions every future mother many responses to them much less …

What exactly are we so afraid of?

Hospital setting and nurses in white coats. Nobody likes hospitals and other medical institutions. We find ourselves in a similar place only when necessary, when sick or pass a medical examination, worrying, and if everything is OK? The hospital’s walls, so expectations are associated with anxiety and unpleasant, sometimes painful manipulations. Of course, childbirth – is another matter, this step is necessary for the long-awaited meeting with the baby. And, nevertheless, caution persists, aggravated by stories about the correct behavior is not always someone else’s medical rabotnikov.Vokrug reputable people who may not have neither the time nor the inclination to explain what is happening and why.

Diffidence. Especially the first birth may be submitted absolutely no way it will happen in reality, imagination can draw a variety of situations in which the new mother is helpless, not knowing what to do next. Of course, it is necessary to go through labor, to know all the nuances. Therefore, having no experience, we often rely just on the doctor, which will give birth, and we hope that it will meet our expectations. Also go through prenatal training. This gives you the opportunity to have in the arsenal of self-care skills in combat. Rates of expectant mothers help form a firm belief that safe and fast delivery importantly – relax. But there is fear – and suddenly “I forget when to start.” Or – and suddenly “doctor is busy, and I myself can not do it.” And so on …

The main fear of many women in childbirth – the fear of the indifference of others in such an unpredictable process as childbirth. And now this question can easily be solved, because every future mother has a unique opportunity to bring to rodzal reliable assistant.Doctors and midwives usually favor such a decision, because they know – they themselves may be too busy to constantly be around.Yes, and according to the orders of the Ministry of Health to conduct births on the vain attempts roddomovskaya whole team is bound to be near the pregnant woman, on the same battles – should be monitored in the form of inspection of once per hour. Contractions last for several hours, and it turns out that most of the time a woman in labor holds no medical staff.

A possible way out

Known statistics – births take place in the presence of a partner with much less pain and mostly without complications. Why is this happening? From time immemorial, the laboring woman needed to support a man who makes her trust, and therefore, next to which she can relax without thinking. Sometime before this great role performed midwife, who had vast experience of coupon delivery and a natural talent for Childbirth. Midwife during labor was a caring mother for mothers. She did not explain all the time, what to do and when to do it, not dictated maternity style of behavior, but rather to adjust to the behavior of mothers. Midwife knew that every birth is unique, and therefore, there is no single algorithm behavior in labor, which helped universally to all. And a woman in labor she feels intuitively as her one time or another birth breathe what position to take. … To impose their point of view may be inconclusive, since each laboring woman has a unique body. The main thing – to create a sense of safety in childbirth, lack of feeling abandoned. In our time of taking care of a mother giving birth takes Dole, it helps as a midwife, along with a doctor and a midwife attending the delivery.

Personal Assistant in childbirth – Dole

Dole has a case management of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum stage follows. Young family meets douloykak possible, at the stage of pregnancy, received psychological support already in the process of carrying a baby, to be discussed all the needs, fears of the future mother, individual sessions are held in preparation for childbirth. Together with the future parents discussed the alleged script delivery. If births are by appointment with the doctor – a joint meeting helps to find common ground.

Dole – assistant in labor, which has medical and psychological education, as well as their own experience certainly successful natural childbirth, it is desirable, is not unique. Such assistant having good theoretical base, knowing medical terminology, it is easy to communicate with the medical staff, to protect a woman in travail of communication and to protect its interests. Dole tries to fulfill all the needs of mothers, not only creates an atmosphere of safety with their presence, but also in the difficult moments suggests, it is now possible to exist a fight, as it is better to change the position, makes an effective analgesic massage.

The closest person to the new mother and baby is born – certainly husband. Provided that it has a moral commitment and willingness to go to the maternity ward, it can replace Dole. More common is another option – to take delivery and Dole, and her husband – help both with Dole takes something with which her husband may have some difficulty.

And then, in the postpartum stage, Dole supports young family – together learn the skills to care for the baby, breastfeeding is getting better, it assists in the case of postpartum depression.

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