What to bring to the hospital?

There comes the last month of pregnancy, and the parents are ready to meet the road. And rightly so! To coveted day did not find you by surprise, cook things and documents for the hospital in advance. Some hospitals give out a list of things to take with you. Therefore, before the meeting, try to find out. We have compiled for you a list of basic needs.

Bored of waiting last month can brighten up shopping trips in search of things for the baby. Births can occur at any of the days of the week 38 to 42, inclusive, as early as 36 weeks is desirable to clarify for the hospital, phone help and receiving department. Going to the hospital, it is convenient to decompose things into four bags “before birth”, “After giving birth”, “child” and “to extract.” When all the bags are ready, show that where lies your family.


In the hospital you will need:

  • Passport, exchange card with embedded ultrasound and analysis.
  • Washable slippers, socks, underwear.
  • Drinking at the time of delivery (preferably water without gas).
  • Toiletries (soap, towels, toilet paper, napkins, toothpaste, toothbrush, disposable razor, mirror, comb, deodorant, nail clippers).
  • Robe, nightgown. 
  • A bit to eat (if go to the hospital in advance).
  • Mobile phone and charger to it.
  • Dinnerware: Cup, spoon, fork, plate.
  • To have fun: book, music player, camera.
  • Second, postpartum bag, family members will give you later. You can prepare in advance:
  • Sanitary pads (maxi).
  • Disposable panties and ordinary.
  • The packaging of diapers for a newborn.
  • Anti cracks on the nipples.
  • Toiletries (you can add cream for face and body, you need makeup, etc.).
  • Replacement pads for breasts, milk absorbent.
  • Bra for feeding.
  • Notepad and pen to write notes.
  • Bags, which will make garbage.
  • Disposable diapers for reviews.
  • Postpartum bandage.


Things for baby:

  • Diapers and diaper.
  • Diaper cream, wipes, baby soap.
  • Lower shirt or blouse (cotton, with stitches outside).
  • Wool, cotton or terry COVERALLS, blouse with pants or sliders (optional).
  • Socks and antitsarapatelnye rukovychky.
  • Dummy (make sure it is specifically for babies).


Things to extract:

  • Comfortable clothing, shoes for the weather for you. Cosmetics. 
  • Envelope, jumpsuit, baby quilt or blanket.
  • Cap – bottom, light and wool top (if it’s cold outside). If the warm season – just one.
  • All clothing for toddler and pre-wash stroke.


Do not forget:

  • Remove exchange card (for themselves and the child) to the hospital. 
  • Remove from the hospital certificate to the registrar to register the baby.
  • Letter of recommendation and the opinion of the health of the child in the hospital (with a list of procedures that are performed, and medications).

So, things picked up. Do not worry if you forget something in the list – be sure your family will bring you. Now the main thing is for you to remain calm and good mood!

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