Water Diet

Very effective is the water diet, and all because this week you can throw 10 pounds.

Water diet is harmless and even useful.

It is well known that water is an important part of the whole organism. It supplies the body with oxygen, as well as all the necessary nutrients, but water should be the life of the net.

Drinking water should be 30 minutes before a meal, as well as in small sips.

To be effective, you need to go in for sports. But if during a diet you need to drink 2 liters of water a day, with exercise 2,5-3litra.

Reviews of the water diet:

1) Some argue that it is not necessary to sit on such a diet, because it is harmful.

2) Diet is very effective. I threw her for a week 7 kg.

3) The diet is great, and most importantly safe, and diet does not change. You can eat, drink and lose weight.

This diet even useful, why sit on it at least a week is needed.

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