Water birth

As is known, the power of water can lift the human body to maintain our muscles and bones. The same effect has water and a pregnant woman.Water relaxes not only the muscles of the body, but also necessary in childbirth thighs, abdomen and back. When relax the back muscles relax and the muscles of the uterus, perineum. The child then passes through the birth canal freely. 

Water helps the woman to take any posture, in the end, to find her birth right posture, get rid of stress, and, therefore, pain. Contractions are in the water in waves and when properly chosen pose will deliver a minimum of discomfort. 

Being in the water stimulates the skin receptors and their action is akin to full body massage, if it was performed simultaneously in 200 hands.Nervous system at the same time responds to signals pleasant and much less responsive to unpleasant. 

Typically, a water birth are faster and easier than childbirth, exercise the usual way. And a water birth is usually vaginally if before the first delivery was normal, with caesarean section. At birth in the water faster and with less pain revealed the cervix, high blood pressure in normal pregnant woman. Water brings relief from continuous rolls battles. This does not mean that the water is completely relieve pain sensitivity, but it can significantly reduce it. 

For delivery in the water temperature of the water should be the same as or below body temperature is a few degrees. Depth capacity (bath and pool) should allow the water to cover the belly pregnant woman in a sitting squatting posture or position on all fours. A width should not hamper movement. Go into the water is best when the cervix is ​​opened 6-7 cm in earlier immersion birth process may be hampered. If labor is slowing after immersion in water, it is best to leave the water, sit, walk, and for the resumption of fights back in the water. 

If a woman has decided to give birth in a hospital, and a bath or pool for labor there is no help even warm shower or jet sounds of rushing water. 

Usually, the beginning of attempts woman out of the water to continue deliveries according to the standard scheme. But many situations when a woman is not in a hurry to go out, because in the water it is very comfortable. And suddenly there is a surge – the child is in the water. For a child it is perfectly safe, it only need to immediately remove from the water.

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