Video delivery is better to see once

Video delivery is better to see once

Better to see once than hear a hundred times or read. This belief is likely to be guided and when placing video delivery on the Internet.

A selection of video delivery can be quite varied:

  • videos of natural childbirth;
  • Video caesarean section;
  • videos of home births;
  • video delivery partner;
  • video delivery to the water;
  • video preparation for childbirth;
  • Video breech births, etc.

Video delivery can be both professional and amateur footage result. Sometimes in professional subjects can be accommodated and expert comment.

Massive hype around this video begs the question: Why watch video delivery? Especially the issue occurs in men. Reasons to watch the video delivery is very simple:

  • preparation for childbirth, particularly preparing to partner leave;
  • acquisition informatsionngo birth experience a variety of conditions – for young professionals;
  • to their birth were not unusual event;
  • to remove the fear of childbirth;
  • out of curiosity, etc.

A more interesting question may be why remove this video childbirth?

  • to educate expectant parents;
  • instructional video for medical students;
  • to provide information about the differences between different types of labor, to highlight some of the benefits;
  • on the memory of a significant event, the birth of the child;
  • to promote professionalism and comfort of a generic process with certain doctors and certain hospitals;
  • just like that, “it is fashionable”, etc.

Usually placed on the video delivery of specialized medical sites or sites for parents. There is, of course, a selection of licensed and professional video delivery or domestic western release, which can be bought or ordered through the Internet. Cams childbirth , usually amateur quality, often can be seen on youtube, social networks, personal blogs.

Is also interesting to analyze what place video delivery on the Internet:

  • to inform prospective parents in the process of preparation for childbirth;
  • within the PR-programs, advertising the hospital, the doctor;
  • social programs;
  • to promote a certain type of birth;
  • unfortunately, many entertainment portals placed video delivery exclusively to improve the rating of the resource;
  • to improve personal rating User blog owner

For video delivery can be treated differently, but all in preparation for childbirth to see it can not hurt. Improve the quality, informative videos have the opportunity to learn more, to prepare for the process atmosphere. But the show-sensitive dads video delivery before conception yet, you probably should not!

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