Two of the uterus and the birth of twins. Pathology and unique case

Two of the uterus and the birth of twins. Pathology and unique case

September 15 in Florida 24-year-old American woman successfully gave birth to twins neodnoyaytsevyh. Birth of twins are unique, since two women were diagnosed cancer. This pathology has not prevented happy motherhood.

Andrea Barbosa, new mother of twins, found out about the diagnosis 4 years ago. Bifurcation of the uterus – is an extremely rare pathology. Usually two uterus occur in the case of premature birth or miscarriage. It is in the case of miscarriage or pelvic pain performed specific treatment of this pathology. In the history of obstetrics, only about 100 women bore children at the same time in 2 wombs.

That there was a conception of twins in the womb each separately, should emerge main factors:

  • simultaneous ovulation in 2 ovaries;
  • the successful achievement of both sperm eggs.

Such fertilization is a probability of 1 out of 5 million. Cases. Twins or triplets Childbirth in such cases are usually the difference in hours or days.

Andrea was observed throughout pregnancy specialists. Despite the pathology during pregnancy was normal. Deliveries were 36 weeks – was carried out a caesarean section. The difference between the birth of twins was only 2 minutes. First born boy, Nathan, and later made happy by the birth girl Natalie.

Pathology of the two queens was powerless before the birth of twins in the family wonderful Andrea and Miguel. We wish you to be happy parents!

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