To survive childbirth easier?

U.S. scientists have wondered who survive childbirth easier. It turned out that a lot depends on nationality and fitness during pregnancy.

For the first study, studying pain during childbirth, a factor for comparison was the nationality. It has been proven that it is easier childbirth are among Asian women and mothers in Latin America. The least fortunate women Caucasoid type. They moved from labor more intense pain.

On the basis of the following research scientists rush to soothe European moms. Found scientific evidence that physical training during pregnancy reduces pain in childbirth. Especially important fortress abdominals, pelvic diaphragm and elasticity of the day.Additional “plus” is and overall endurance. Scientists recommended yoga for pregnant women , special breathing and yoga exercises.

The following study has proven that it is easier to survive childbirth women actively involved in labor, knowing all the current processes of delivery. Complicated births are those who have a strong fear and focus on quick results.

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