Tips expectant mothers of twins

The appearance of the child in the family – it’s a joy. But if your family twins, then double joy, and even for Mom and double trouble. Nine months ago, our family were born twins – two boys. I now have three children. I’d like to give some advice to mothers of twins.


During pregnancy

Board of expectant mothers of twins in pregnancy follow the instructions of your doctor and taking care of yourself unforgettable. If the expectant mother is, the more frequently asked at the hospital, as a state of rest is necessary, because it is very important which will weight the kids. If birth weight is very small, then you will be discharged soon, so enjoy, take care! More walk in the fresh air and just rejoice in life, because you are special, you are a mom of twins.

Dowry for twins baby Awaiting first thoughts that need a lot of things. But it is not so! Approach the issue of buying clothes efficiently: just a pair of body (each), sliders and blouses, one warm suit. Then you see together and missing things. This will also help friends and family. The same applies to diapers. Beds as you will need two, because one kids will be crowded.


Bottles and pacifiers for twins

If babies bottle-baby, you need a lot of bottles, mainly because of the night feedings. We usually diluted mixture in the evening in a large pot and then poured into bottles, put in the fridge and heated at night. It turned out at each feeding two bottles (with 6-8 bottles at night).

Nipple need to buy 4 pieces (2 of each).

Online large variety of strollers for twins. We prefer versatile stroller that is suitable for winter and summer, it is as if two carriages are connected to each other. This is great, firstly, the stroller is “lelechenyata”, which is easy to carry children up to about 4 months, and about 5 months babies start to play with each other, which is nice. In the carriage 3 positions, though each of the kids. Thus, if one falls asleep, the stroller can be omitted, and the second child it will not interfere.


Working for twins

To notwas problems should teach twins to a single mode of birth. Imagine if, for example, at night the kids will require food, replacing each other every hour. This means that the mother will not sleep at all. The same day. Personally, I started to move the children to a regime since three months. This process is laborious and requires patience. Gradually, my children were at one time to sleep and eat. Similarly korrektiruesh naps, but not violently. By the way, to set the very important not carry cot with children on various issues komnatam.Chtoby not was necessary to teach twins to a single mode of birth.


Learning to distinguish colors

Show your child an object of a certain color, such as blue. Walk him around the house, showing all items of that color. See how the baby itself will determine the color blue and will help you look for it. You can then go to the other colors.

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