Thrush in pregnancy

About thrush probably heard all the women, and many faced with this infection repeatedly. But how dangerous yeast infection during pregnancy? We have addressed this issue to a gynecologist, obstetrician. Thrush – a common name vaginal candidiasis. This infection causes microscopic yeast fungi of the genus Candida. There is a category of women for whom thrush – a constant companion. Some women may face for the first time just thrush during pregnancy, when the body, with low immunity, it becomes more vulnerable.

Candidiasis occurs three times more often with pregnant women. This phenomenon is related to the level of female hormones, which leads to changes in the microflora of the vagina and the formation of favorable conditions for the reproduction of fungi. During pregnancy the vagina chemical environment becomes more acidic, which is very favorable for the fungus. Similarly, hormonal changes lead to decreased immunity and activity of white blood cells in the body that also promotes intensive breeding of fungus in the genital tract of the expectant mother. A newborn can get thrush during passage through the birth canal.

Of course, you need to treat thrush. This infection is a potential danger: besides noticeable discomfort occurrence of the complicated pregnancy that may affect the actual process of giving birth. It provokes a loss of elasticity of the vagina, thereby significantly increases the risk of internal and external gaps in delivery. Thrush in pregnancy is dangerous by the fact that increases the risk of fetal infection, can also lead to premature birth. Thrush need to diagnose and treat.

Dear ladies, do not forget about yourself and promptly contact your doctor!

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