The scientists examined the association between smoking and pregnancy of obesity in children

The scientists examined the association between smoking and pregnancy of obesity in children

Each of us knows and understands that smoking during pregnancy is harmful not only to the expectant mother, but also to the fetus. But according to a new study of Canadian experts produced the following results: women who have used nicotine replacement therapy sometimes pregnancy as an attempt to give up the habit, can increase the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome child.

NRT is usually accompanied by the introduction of a woman’s body products that contain nicotine substitutes. In the United States was approved by the five types of funds. They treated a number of nicotine patches, gum chewing special, inhalers home , lozenges and sprays. Scientists conducted a study on rats in certain laboratories, which sometimes pregnant rats were administered daily 1 mg of nicotine per kilogram of bodyweight. The result was that the amount of nicotine that received pregnant rat was much lower than nicotine, which is found in NRT – 10 mg of nicotine cigarettes 10 uniformly.

According to data obtained from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention US, smoking in pregnant women can increase the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and education Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or cleft lip. In the new studies undertaken have decided to establish whether there is a biological link between the effects of nicotine and nicotine-replacement of any process metaboliechskim syndrome and obesity in the future for the child.

The health of children ucheny rats were followed for six months, stretching from birth. Born pups were slightly smaller in size compared to pups that were born rats that were not subjected to influences nicotine. When the pups was 6 months, some experts were reported enlargement of the liver and the volume of circulating triglycerides. They found that the production of these substances increased when the liver was affected by nicotine for a long time.

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