The problem of unwanted pregnancy

The problem of unwanted pregnancy faced by many women of different ages. Unprotected sexual intercourse causes long experiences and depression from both women and men. In some situations, women leave the child, even if they have to sacrifice their studies, career.

But the majority still prefer to give up an unplanned pregnancy, believing that are not yet ready for such a serious and responsible action. Indeed, the child requires constant attention, care, and financial costs.Monetary side of the question plays an important role: Facilities for the newborn, clothing, food costing parents dearly. Therefore, one of the most common causes of child abandonment is the failure of couples.

If you just decide to have an abortion, it is impossible to delay the process. When interruption of early pregnancy complications is minimal risk. Typically, gynecologists recommend to remove the ovum without surgical intervention. For this purpose a tablet, which contribute to the rejection of the embryo (Mifegin and analogs thereof). They are taken in the presence of a doctor, and within 2-3 hours of the woman is under the supervision of specialists. If adverse events did not happen, her go home.

Benefits of medical termination of pregnancy are obvious: painless, effectiveness, outpatient, safety.Psychologically speaking, this type of abortion women suffer much easier than surgical curettage.Effectiveness of non-surgical method reaches 96%. In the later stages practiced instrumental method and vacuum aspiration.

To avoid the problem of unwanted pregnancy in the future, need to be more carefully care about contraception. The most common methods include:

    • barrier (condom), it also protects against sexually transmitted diseases
    • IUDs
    • hormonal pills

When referring to a specialist in family planning can get detailed advice on each contraceptives. Selection of drugs is carried out individually.

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