The new car is harmful to health

The new car is harmful to health

Experts recommend that owners of brand new cars for a month from the date of purchase to refrain from long journeys and reduce the time spent in the car and a half hours a day.

Otherwise, it is likely to harm the health of toxic fumes, spun off from the car. In the medical literature provides information that the majority of parts for car interior equipment are products of the chemical industry – plastics, sealants, adhesives contain hazardous to human health chemical compounds.

Elements such as phenol, xylene, chlorine and bromine are present in automobile interior parts.When heated evaporation occur that adversely affect the internal organs, the mucous membrane, nervous and hormonal systems, organs of hearing. Doctors believe that inhaled fumes from these chemicals can not only aggravate rhinitis and allergy, but also lead to hormonal disruptions in the body, as well as significantly increase the risk of cancer.

Should pay attention to the fact that interior parts contain significant amounts of lead, which is a group of heavy metals. Inhalation of lead present in the air may be harmful to the reproductive system. In particular fragrance emitted leather inside the car there are chemical compounds aldehydes used for processing. These substances can cause harm to respiratory, vision and irritate the mucous membranes.

Thus, at the insistence of the best professionals to limit their pastime in the car until it weathered all harmful substances. This will help to protect their health from a variety of diseases provoked by toxic chemicals.

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