The mood of the expectant mother

Studying to become a parent? I read a mountain of literature and knows all about the food and the need for physical activity. Did you know that coming mummy would be good for the pregnancy to give up a bad mood? This of course does not mean that the mother has to smile and clap their hands, looking like burnt cake, which she so carefully prepared. However, any lingering feelings and depression must overcome.

Many children’s psychological problems and fears, oddly enough, laid back in the prenatal period. “As pregnancy proceeded?” – Ask your parents still neurologist at the first visit to him with a child. Because of the way it flowed depends how baby will sleep. “As pregnancy proceeded?” – Ask the child psychologist for admission to kindergarten. After all, how disturbing was the mother during pregnancy depends on how anxious the child is in a critical situation, and therefore how quickly adapt to the new location. So, if the expectant mother wanted to feel hurt or abandoned during pregnancy – it is better to pull themselves together.


How does the mood of the expectant mother to the formation of the child?

The child develops in the womb is already beginning to live their own lives. He sleeps on his regime, willingly pushed arms and legs. How to dispose of his body, he can and should understand himself. But how to relate to the world how to behave in it – he can not understand. After all, if each of them only learned from their mistakes, humanity has failed to survive. For the survival of the human reflex is: we must imitate older, wiser, lived to a certain age. A newborn baby, driven by this reflex, learning life the example of relatives around him for the first time. A child is what is in the womb, can not yet perceive the outer world with their eyes and ears, as it is inside. So the kid has to prepare for a meeting with the outside world, relying on the mother’s perception of it and its mood. Simply put, since the child learns to feel fetal period, think of the world as experiencing mother, nurturing it.


What to expect?

Psychologists have established a link between what feels mom, and so behaves as a newborn baby. If the mother, nurturing her baby, always afraid of something and waiting for adventure, then the baby is born disturbing. It can occur at once, sleep disorders in the newborn, and a little later, when the child goes to the garden, where he will have problems with adaptation.

If a pregnant constantly in tears, the child learns to think of the world as a place where it can not happen any good, because his mother there bad. This kid might be perceived negatively any action aimed at him. Elementary instruction in the stomach or swimming will tearfully accepted this baby.

Pregnant best to lead a normal life, to communicate with people, have a permanent employment, which gives it a sense of self worth, get on something positive emotions. In such a mother more likely to have a cheerful, psychologically steady baby.


Take care of the welfare of the baby

How to avoid negative thoughts, and with them the negative impact of mother’s baby? First of all, my mother should exercise. It is best if this will work, if for no medical contraindications. After all, you are busy at work right thing, and earned money you really need and then, during the forced inactivity.

If you are unable to work, the future mother will help needlework or cooking. Knows how to sew or knit – prepare a dowry for the baby. A successful culinary experimentation to your husband and be glad your friends.

Pregnant close must be people with whom she can communicate. The best thing would be if people do not just listen to the mother, but also turn it, discuss it any topics not related to pregnancy. Brother – Travel Agent? Good: it tells about where is the warmth and traditions of different countries. A friend admired decorations? Let tell you all about your new hobby. Maybe future mothers teach?

Ambient do not have to spend days entertained pregnant because the expectant mother will have to learn and deal with her very sadness and mood swings. Mom should be able to stop yourself and switch to some pleasant subject. For example: “Stop. I do not want to think about birth. It is better to hear soft music. ” Or this: “What I took it that my husband does not like me and do not try to understand? Indeed, just yesterday he was preparing my dinner. Can I do it now meat in French? “Unborn baby will thank my mother for a positive attitude to life!

Future mom very bad subject to grieve, because of this suffering she not only others, but also the most precious thing she has – her baby. For every loving mother who wants her daze good, must learn to overcome the inherent pregnant influx of negative emotions.

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