The female figure is able to indicate the level of intelligence

The female figure is able to indicate the level of intelligence

The volume of the female figure depends on how a woman is smart and quick-witted. This is reported by studies of American scientists among twenty thousand female.

In the study, experts studied their different physical characteristics and compared with the level of intelligence. As it turned out, women with curvy hips and small breasts have more wit than women of other forms of body. Moreover, these indicators and impact on their children, they are hatching.

As experts explain, first of all this is the reason that in bulk hips is much more useful for the fatty acids, which are the strong antioxidant and focus on quality and rapid brain development in fetuses with female sex, when my mother bears a child in utero.  Tips from the pros to help you maintain your figure is correct, that will save your health.

Also, women with bulky hips, small breasts and trim waist can live much longer than those who have large breasts and wide waist. The main reason for this is that the fat is in the stomach, enters the blood platelets and causes vasoconstriction, blood flow disturbance and metabolism. This condition is often caused by the onset of myocardial infarction or cerebral stroke.

In this regard, according to experts, every woman from an early age should monitor their own body shape and try to maintain your weight.

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