The duration of the pregnancy affect metabolic processes

The duration of the pregnancy affect metabolic processes

Scientists have proven that a woman bears her child is 9 months because longer, her body simply can not stand.

It turns out that already in the sixth month, the work of the body expectant mother can be compared with the work of a nuclear reactor, which is about to explode.

A few months before the baby’s born, the amount of energy generated by the future mother, is doubled. Up to the birth, stress continues unabated, but only intensified.

Man is able to withstand the accelerated pace of metabolism over time, which is why, pregnancy lasts only 9 months.

According to Holly Dansuort, anthropologist University of Rhode Island, including advanced apes, man is in second place for the duration of pregnancy. Thus, women give an amount of energy that a newborn human brain, 47% more than the baby gorilla.

Data from this study showed that this time is enough to ensure that the child was born strong, strong and healthy.

Previously it was thought that the duration of the pregnancy and the size of the baby, affects the size of the pelvis expectant mother, and the need to run and walking. In ancient times, women wore the child until the end of the term, since they did not have enough energy, so the children were born weak and often died in infancy.

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