The bike improves sex life

Couple riding bike
Couple riding bike

Carried out on the territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland social program includes the study of a number of important social issues. The results of public opinion research were quite unexpected and optimistic.

In particular, this concerns the use of the bicycle as a vehicle for daily commuting.

Besides the obvious advantage dvuhkolesnika compared with the vehicle in terms of environmental protection, identify specific benefits to human health, and in several directions. British ceased to spend long periods in the subway cars, to feel discomfort during peak hours, to spend life on idling in traffic jams, experienced a significant surge of sexual energy. Moreover, there has been a positive trend in both sexes.

Qualitative improvement of the intimate life of noted at least 40% of the respondents, their relationships with partners become more intense and harmonious. Over half of the respondents talked about increasing stability in a variety of stressful situations. Changing vehicle environmentally friendly type led to an improvement in well-being at 80%. At least one third of survey respondents say that biking promote creative potential.

The lives of people on bicycles are characterized by success, health, happiness and satisfaction.Representatives of the human race, still prefer motorized vehicles, deliberately deprive themselves of all these benefits.

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