That will tell calluses on the feet?

Calluses on the feet if they are certainly not the new shoes can “reveal secrets” your health. Let us examine them carefully. What do they tell?

The edges of the heel there is stiff corn “calk” – attention joints, the edges of the feet – requires attention to the spine.

If corn is not limited to five edge and extends to the rise of the foot – it is necessary to take intestine, particularly fat.

Violations of the heart shows corn under the little finger of the left foot, but if corn under the little finger of his right foot, you should pay attention to the liver.

Most corn is just under four toes (except large) indicates the nervous strain, nervous exhaustion.

Rough skin or calluses on the outside of the thumb? It can be assumed that the body is impaired metabolic rate, indicating a malfunction of the thyroid gland.

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