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10 Reasons Why You Should Masturbate Tonight

One in five men indulge in self-love at least four times a week. But only 5 percent of women between the ages of 25 and 29 do the same, according to Indiana University’s National Survey of Sexual...


9 reasons to start running

Even the ancient Greeks used to say – “If you want to be strong – run, you want to be beautiful – run, you want to be smart – run“.

Tired of nervous and angry? Most have kids!

Tired of nervous and angry? Most have kids!

Leading researcher of the Paleontological University opened a unique fact – the appearance of children in the family, makes men more soft, flexible, and kind. Alexander Markov claims that it had even been cases...

Preparing for childbirth perineal

Preparing for childbirth perineal

Deliveries of concern to all pregnant women. One of the biggest fears – a tear or incision of the perineum. But it is possible to try to prevent by preparing the perineum to the...

growth hormone

Growth hormone

Many men and women doing fitness, want to have the relief of the body. But here in spite of the terms of employment, relief may not appear. Why? All of what we do not eat right,...



A – carrots, citrus, butter, cheese, and eggs. D – milk, eggs, cod liver oil, fatty fish. E – corn, sunflower, olive oil, peas. K – green leafy vegetables, spinach, Brussels sprouts,cabbage and cauliflower,...