Second birth, and others … – piece of cake

Second birth, and others ... - piece of cake

Experts recommend the following pregnancy, childbirth plan repeated in 3-4 years after the previous. And usually the second, third, experience of childbirth is considered easier. This is due to a complex of reasons:

  • after the first birth vaginal muscles and cervix become more flexible: the fight will be more effective, the cervix opens faster;
  • rather pass stage attempts, the very birth of the child – the second delivery period will be reduced by 4-5 hours;
  • birth will happen faster, less painful and because of greater experience of mothers: we have the knowledge, how to breathe during labor , as to push etc .;
  • help greater psychological stability after the first birth experience: lack of suspense relieve cramping;
  • experienced new mother responds correctly to the recommendations of the medical staff;
  • woman is more likely to pregnancy, childbirth endure hardship, as a sense of wonder remembers the birth of the child;
  • more successful and easier the recovery period;
  • mom more comfortable and feels confident in the care of the second, third baby.

Repeated generations – not completely perfect. And they have their complexity:

  • may face repeated cesarean section in severe chronic disease, is too narrow pelvis, but in other cases may be a natural birth after a previous caesarean section;
  • re-birth, the second pregnancy are usually carried out after 35 years and bear the risk of the negative effects of age: an increasing number of chronic diseases, inflammations of genitals of the woman, there is a greater risk of genetic abnormalities of the fetus, complicate childbirth, pregnancy, previous miscarriage, abortion, multiple pregnancy;
  • Additional physical fatigue in the postpartum period due to the need to care about another child.

Whatever the conditions, the effects of childbirth, they can not substitute for increasing the joys of motherhood. In addition, the 3-4 year interval between births allow the body to relax and take advantage of the fresh memory of the previous birth.

Perhaps it is time to give your baby brother or sister?

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