Scientists describe the ideal age for birth of first child

In today’s world many women are delaying childbirth until later. But Swedish scientists advised not to delay the first pregnancy. The main thing is to have time to give birth to thirty, they warn. With age, the chances of successful conception are significantly reduced. In addition, women in their thirties often occur early labor. According to Professor Ulla Waldenstrom from Karolinska Institute, the risk of pregnancy problem in the age group 30-34 years is not dependent on whether a woman smokes and she suffers overweight. The main risk factor is age, and bad habits only worsen the situation.

Scientists warn that the risk of complications if the first pregnancy and delivery in women aged 30 to 34 years 20% higher compared to women 25 to 30 years.

Doctors advise to girls as early as possible to decide for yourself what is more important to them – to build a career or a baby. Otherwise, delaying pregnancy until later, you do not know the joy of motherhood.

British scientists from the University of Newcastle also recently conducted a study in which it was found out that children with Down syndrome and other congenital diseases and genetic disorders being born women older than thirty.

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