Sample menu for drying the body

To get relief body is required to resort to the drying of the body.

I have already talked about this before, but now I want you to bring diet menu for drying the body.

So, consider the menu for drying the body:

1) Week One.


-portsiya buckwheat

-ovoschnoy salad.

Just allowed to use products such as:

-kurinaya breast.


-The raw material.





2) Week Two.

-1 Apple.

-Kasha, Only up to 2 hours of the day.

-Tvorog Or yogurt.

3) Week Three.

-Upotreblyat Can all authorized products, except cheese and fruit.

4) Week Four.

-Kashi. Only eat 6 tablespoons a day.

5) Week Five.

-Pure Vegetables.

Protein product.

6) six weeks.

-Exclude Dairy products and are now returning to power in the reverse order.

I brought you a menu for drying the body.

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