Remove cellulite from the buttocks and legs

Legs and ass, two of the most problematic areas for women. Often it is in these places we attack cellulite. That was not cellulite, you need to eat right and, of course, first of all to give training about 15 minutes.

I’ll give you an example of exercises that will help you to remove cellulite from the legs and buttocks.

1) Perform squats. Do 20 times for 3 sets. Over time, you can add yourself load, take in hand weights. So it will be harder and, therefore, the result will be better.

2) Perform the exercise “kitty.” Get on all fours, and raised one by one leg along the trunk. The higher, the better. Proceed to 10 times on each leg.

3) Exercise “table”. You need to lie on the floor. Arms extended along the body, and the legs bent at the knees, that moans tightly adjoined to the floor. Then Lift up your hands to the body, thus giving your body shape of the table.

4) Do lunges. Make a move, as far as possible, and the second leg is bent at the knee. When you walk, do not touch the floor knee.

We perform these exercises, and you will notice results.

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