Preparing for childbirth perineal

Preparing for childbirth perineal

Deliveries of concern to all pregnant women. One of the biggest fears – a tear or incision of the perineum. But it is possible to try to prevent by preparing the perineum to the generic process in advance.

The nature of the female body part itself is preparing us to facilitate the passage of the baby through the perineum. During pregnancy the resource extensibility of connective tissues. Contributes to this, mainly hormones of pregnancy. Possession of relaxation techniques for even greater extensibility perineal tissues. What can a pregnant woman with his hand to protect his crotch from tears and cuts?

Recommendations for the preparation of the perineum

Each expectant mother is quite able to do the following preparation for childbirth :

  • learn to relax the muscles of the perineum – to remove a stable voltage;
  • time to empty the bladder and bowels;
  • perform Kegel exercises, which are due to the active squeeze-relax the muscles of the perineum make stronger blood flow and, therefore, increase the elasticity; These exercises are also effective for the prevention of urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, prolapse of internal organs, vaginal laxity, improve women’s sex lives; a few exercises:
    • sitting or lying down: slow twitch muscles that stop urination delayed by 3 seconds, relaxing for 3 seconds; do 10-15 times 3 times a day;
    • as quickly as possible, straining muscles relax the perineum;
    • heave as during defecation;
    • imagine that we go up in the elevator: the pelvic floor muscles are straining gradually adding force, as when climbing on each floor, straining at the peak maximum, gradually relax the muscles, moving “on the floors down”;
  • to massage the perineum with natural fatty oils every night for the last month before delivery: use vegetable oils rich in vitamin E – the best almond or olive; take a shower, be sure to relax the lower body, gentle movements oil lubricates the vagina, insert one or two fingers in the crotch, crotch stretch wall in the hand, pulls them down; greater relaxation of the perineum can be achieved if massage will help make the future Pope;
  • perform stretching exercises crotch, for example, the activity “Butterfly”: sit on the floor, attract to his feet, bending at the knees, feet stacked together, take their hands, knees waving, like butterflies, up and down;
  • it would be good to learn the right push – this can competently teach courses for pregnant women ;
  • engage in yoga for pregnant women , water aerobics for pregnant women ;
  • douche on the crotch area;
  • in the last month of pregnancy to reduce the consumption of foods that worsen tissue elasticity: coffee, tea, meat, fish, salt;
  • increase the consumption of those products that contribute to the improvement of tissue elasticity: foods rich in silicon, such as greens, sprouts, bran, cereals from whole grains; should eat small portions;
  • drink plenty of ordinary clean water;
  • during labor is better to save the perineal tissues choose vertical position in vain attempts, metered load on the perineum, to push when a natural desire.

Pulmonary delivery you!

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