Preparation for childbirth: what you need to have time to be sure

Preparing to leave for the last stages of pregnancy requires responsibility and activity. But the mood swings caused by neuroendocrine processes only hinders it. But when apathy replaces desire a flurry of activity, it is necessary to perform the necessary steps.

  • Take a crash course in preparation for childbirth , if you did not attend full courses for pregnant women at an earlier date. Effective crash course offers expectant mothers Family Center “ABC for parents.”
  • Explore harbingers birth to navigate in its state before the decisive moment.
  • Select hospital, to negotiate with the personal doctor. Learn how to better and how to go to the hospital.
  • Check the list of things to the hospital. They are all very similar maternity hospitals, but may differ in some points.
  • Gather the necessary documents for the hospital, get out money.
  • Devote husband where are all the right things, instruct him to leave the hospital in an emergency.
  • Buy a car seat to take the child, as in Europe, immediately guaranteeing his safety.

Do not forget that preparation for childbirth should include a stay expectant mother.

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