Preparation for childbirth: last week

Final preparation for childbirth in the last weeks of pregnancy require not only organization of parents, but also care for his mother state.Distinguish what is necessary to pay special attention to the prenatal period.

Anxiety before birth 

Many mothers in prenatal experience a heightened sense of anxiety and fears. But it is important to understand that the nature of the body is preparing to undergo the coming generations. And in most cases, his preparation for childbirth does not fail.

If you have experience and knowledge about childbirth not, parents may have in the last weeks of pregnancy to undergo a crash course in preparation for childbirth . Expectant mother can also share their experiences with his mother, an experienced friend, doctor or husband.To distract myself from frightening thoughts, you can make shopping for baby.

Weight loss in the last weeks before delivery 

Weight reduction – one of the signs that labor approach. Weight loss will be 1-2 kg. The body produces internal cleaning before delivery. Controls weight loss hormones.

Toilet expectant mother will be visited more frequently. Job bowel will be more active. Output slag and water will liberate you from the extra pounds. There will be a decrease in appetite and before delivery. Swelling in the legs can be reduced.

If you have a cold or vomiting with weight loss, consult your doctor.

False labor or training bout 

Beginning with the 30th week of pregnancy, you can expect false labor or training bout. With a hand to her stomach, you can feel the increased hardness of the uterus. This bout – harbingers of childbirth. They can be observed for 5 or 7 days before delivery.Shortened cervix is ​​already beginning to open. Contractions may be accompanied by pain. False contractions, unlike generic irregular. An hour later, they usually stop.

Parodynia undulating, with an increase in regular, with a shortening of the intervals between them. Birth pains – the signal to travel to the hospital.

Goes belly 

Drooping stomach at first birth takes place by the end of the 38th week. If this is the second birth, the omission of the stomach may occur right before the day of delivery. What does omission belly? The lower segment of the uterus is softened. The baby’s head is pressed against the entrance to the pelvis. So belly goes down. Accompanying state may be relieved breath.

You can easily check that goes you have the stomach or not. Fold your hands on top of the abdomen. If the stomach goes, it will hand him slide.

It turns out the mucus plug 

In just a few days or even a few hours before birth out mucus plug from the body of a pregnant. It is therefore recommended not to go far from the nearest planned or the hospital .

Mucus plug – a clot of phlegm, located in the lumen of the cervical canal. This plug protects the internal environment of the uterus from the penetration of different bacteria from the environment. In the last weeks of pregnancy the cervix is ​​more supple, softer.Muscles are reduced and shortened cervix. Under these conditions, expels mucus plug from the wall and starts to leave.

Not everyone should expect something clearly visualize. Mucous plug can come out and as a thin strip of mucus. Mucus plug may be bloody hue due to the destruction of parietal capillaries.


Amniotic fluid by the end of pregnancy is about a liter. They surround the child in the womb. Amniotic fluid function as participation in metabolism, but most importantly – the function of protecting the child.

The pressure rise in the uterine cavity with the beginning of labor leads to tear the amniotic membranes. Occurs amniorrhea. The outpouring in the amount of all may be different from the simple to the abundant flow of small leaks. Amniorrhea – it’s time to leave the hospital. Prolonged rupture of membranes can cause severe inflammatory complications in children.


Parodynia manifested as a reduction in uterine muscle. They lead to the disclosure of the cervix, the gradual advancement of the child through the birth canal forward. These contractions of the uterus and abdomen are powerful enough. Thanks to them, the baby’s head passes through the cervix, the birth canal. Further attempts to struggles added, which marks the birth of the final period.Desire to push during any attempts increases. The doctor, a leading childbirth, will govern this process.

Breathing techniques during labor, relaxation techniques, posture is very useful to relax pregnant during labor. 

In the last weeks before delivery is important, not only the preparation for childbirth, but also a complete rest. It will allow you to gather strength for the miraculous appearance of your baby. Light you birth!

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