Partnership delivery

Role of the pope in labor in our country is gradually regaining its importance and necessity. Partnership childbirth become clear to an increasing number of families.And more and more hesitant to start paternity popes since the birth of the child.

Role of the pope before birth, during delivery and the postpartum period. Historical Background 

Affiliate childbirth and dad – it’s not just western. History reveals birth father in our country since the days of ancient Slavs. Father not only participated in the birth, and he took the child in our world. It was thought that the completion of the child. Ancestors invested in such labor, in such a parish child symbolic meaning. They knew the importance of the presence of the Pope to establish a connection with the child’s father.

But my father was a defense for the child even before birth. Expectant mother hid night cloak father, protecting the child. A day to protect the pregnant woman wore a belt husband. And to protect the baby after the birth of her son swaddled in shirt father for the child to grow healthy and strong. Girl after giving birth father wiped his shirt to gain not only the health and stamina, but also good.Dad talked with his mother with a child who is still in the womb, as already born.

After birth, the umbilical cord circumcision began with banding her linen thread, which was intertwined with the hair not only the mother but also the father. One of the ceremonies was the presentation of postpartum 3rd child elements of nature. And performing this rite is the father. He lifted the child into the air – showed his wind. He laid the baby on the ground – it showed the world. In winter, he dipped it into the hole with water or washed in the summer – showed baby Water. So the father helps the child to gain health. Dad first brought the child into the house, representing the child homes and hearth. Represented by his mother, too, is the Pope.

Was a historical period when the role of the father fell from the earliest stages of a child’s life. Today, the importance, the need for a father from the outset is experiencing a revival.

Psychologist, Consultant block ” Free online consultation ” Catherine Erokhina answering one of the questions our readers, stressed that the presence of a loved one during labor will keep giving birth state of relaxation of the body. But in the case of apparent reluctance husband present during childbirth, psychologist Catherine did not insist recommends opting for someone from a close relative or a professional instructor on leave .

Role of the pope in childbirth in different countries 

In different countries, the presence of the Pope today at birth is perceived differently.

  • Germany: almost all births – this partnership delivery. Perceived with great enthusiasm.
  • Sweden partnerships labor welcome. Dad usually cuts the umbilical cord of a newborn.
  • France: Allowed partnerships childbirth as shooting childbirth. Dad may be present even at caesarean section. More courses midwives (incidentally, paid by the state) future fathers and mothers conducted tour to the hospital delivery room. Introduce the sequence of actions, procedures, where the pope can wait, rest, eat, where the elevator, etc. Tell dad position: at the head of the chair next to her mother. If a cesarean section is performed, the Pope dressed in special medformu. After cesarean he can go with a midwife and a child to be weighed, dressing in a separate box and return to his wife with the child. Incidentally, the French physician Fernand Lamaze has created one of the most popular programs for couples to leave. The “Lamaze” was created by the end of 50-ies of XX century. It has three bases: the technique of general relaxation, including relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, breathing techniques and work partner.
  • England: joint childbirth quite familiar. Pope already actively involved in the preliminary discussions with medical staff conditions of labor in the selected clinic.
  • Netherlands conducted mainly home birth, where his father played the role of a second after the professional midwife.
  • China allowed the presence of the pope in the hospital, then put him leave to care for his wife. Although numerically smallmaternity hospital with a long tradition still prohibit the presence of the pope in childbirth.
  • Italy: insist on the presence of the husband at birth than cesarean section.
  • Spain: Pope should be at birth, he puts the signature of the witness in the first documents of the child. Doctors are closely monitoring the condition of the pope and in childbirth.
  • Turkey: in most maternity hospitals with Eastern traditions presence of Pope prohibited. Modern dads take the hospital to attend the birth.
  • U.S. partnership childbirth – no longer news.
  • Austria: partnerships childbirth quite resolved. In addition, guaranteed medpodderzhka dad, if necessary, its excess emotion.

Obstetrician-gynecologists – male 

Preparing to leave by agreement, still the majority of our moms prefer female doctors. Some women experience some awkwardness even just when inspecting a male gynecologist, perceiving it as a violation of some intimacy. Experts believe that embarrassment before a male obstetrician can lead to more lengthy, painful contractions, which may even stop at all. For some women male obstetrician can become unacceptable option because of religious and cultural attitudes. Obstetricians-men can take a negative and the future pope. First, it may seem unacceptable interference with another man in the intimate sphere of the family.Secondly, a man in partnership childbirth may feel weak when he could not help her in childbirth, and the other man is able to do it.There will largely play the role physician behavior.

But despite all the prejudices, the number of male gynecologists in modern obstetrics increases. One male doctor, hearing disturbance women “what men can know about the birth of children” confidently retorted that he did not have a heart attack never, but he successfully works in the cardiology department. Women who have a positive attitude to the genera with male doctors emphasize their belief that men, on the contrary, can control and lead the process more objective. And many feel more confident with the support of a doctor is male. Also, some mothers say more accurate and less painful medical examination male.

There are mothers who have been in the delivery room and the doctors male and female doctors, who believe that professionalism is more important than a doctor, not a floor.

In the history of medicine so happens that initially were patrons of midwives childbirth. First obstetricians men appeared in the IV century BC in Ancient Greece. A first knowledge of obstetrics were systematized by Hippocrates. It was his work became the basis for the management of pregnancy and childbirth. In the Middle Ages, except for midwives, childbirth and even took the monks. In New obstetrics history has known a revival thanks to the work Evhariya Resslina titled “Flower Garden pregnant women and midwives.” It was the first illustrated manual on midwifery. France is famous for obstetrician-gynecologists-men from the time of Louis XXIV, when the first obstetrician kingdom was appointed surgeon Clement. In Holland was Heinrich von Deventer. In Germany, the recent history of the first academic obstetricians became Stein and Roederer. In Russia, the first male doctor who treated “women’s diseases”(gynecologist) was an Englishman Jacob at the court of Ivan the Terrible. The first obstetric clinic in Russia was headed by Professor Gromov. But the clinic has achieved prosperity with A.Krassovskim who put Russian obstetrics at the European level.


Experts emphasize the history of medicine essential practical work gynecologists and the same high level of education of male gynecologists, and most importantly – their ability development of obstetrics and gynecology as a science. 

Dad fears and prejudices 

Fears, prejudices future popes before participating in partnerships labor up rather big list. Here are the main list of psychological disturbances, which are not allowed to be with his wife in the delivery room or fill expectant fathers unnecessary excitement before and during childbirth. 

Beliefs from childhood, stereotypes

Men in this country are used to the woman in labor, as a screaming, suffering from pain in a bad light. Horror stories about childbirth childhood all seen in movies, read in the newspapers, and some moms and enthusiastically told in what torments them they gave birth. Often, child convictions against the presence at birth continue to emphasize to their children and mothers in adulthood. Not one daughter-in-law heard from: “What this for? Why would he need to go? Son, you did it hold out? “. By the same resolution as the presence of the father appeared not so long ago. Father was the one who was celebrating with friends new baby, screaming in the hospital window to his wife and child in his arms received a few days later. All these stereotypes, beliefs, fears largely convinced the future Pope abandon partner deliveries. 

Instructor in preparation for childbirth instructor practices for pregnant family center “Alphabet for parents» Lera Cherednychenkocomments similar beliefs, fears dads: 

“Now, more and more parents want to be together during childbirth. 

And it’s not “fashionable innovation” and “well-forgotten old tradition.” 

Since ancient times, the husband played a very active role in labor: mothers dressed in clothes, tie her handkerchief and rolling on the floor, moaning and crying, thus adopting over some labor pain wife. 

Sometimes, the husband “gave birth” to louder and more expressive “main character” of the event. Curiously, into the role, husbands and actually started to feel cramps and pain “in the bowels”, from which his wife “occurred indulgence.” 

In the old peasant woman gave birth while sitting on the arms of her husband. He helped his wife to push, holding the shoulders. 

The first time a newborn wrapped not in a diaper, and in his father’s shirt and sweaty, just removed from the body. It was believed that in this way the baby’s father sends his strength and protection. 

More recently, in any hospital denied husbands wishing to attend the birth. Now relate to future fathers at birth has completely changed. They do not send away with the words that they say, “it babskie affairs.” On the contrary, they are expected to effective assistance. Of course, hardly modern fathers are rolling on the floor, simulating a fight. But breathe together with his wife, hold her hand, to support the bearing-down during the period and thereby partially take over the fear and pain of women are quite capable of fathers. 

In many countries, the question husband present at birth or not, it is not worth. There all the men present at the birth of his child and consider it their duty to be with his wife at this point. “ 

This is not a man’s job

Men accustomed to share the rights and responsibilities of women often consider participation in childbirth nemuzhskim affair. They are convinced that it is “women’s affairs”, in which they climb, it is not worth it. Agreement on joint childbirth they perceive as unnatural for yourself. Also they seem afraid of not “peasants” for others. 

Our instructor to prepare for childbirth Lera Cherednychenko emphasizes: 

“During labor, a woman ever need psychological support. The presence of a loved one helps many feel more secure. And who does not like a loving husband knows that his wife needed, what actions it will soothe, support, to help cope with the pain. Even the friendly attitude of the medical staff are unlikely to be able to replace most native person. It’s still strangers, anyway. Nothing can replace the touch of warm hands of her husband. Gentle touch, kissing, support and confidence in the remarkable result is very well set up for wealthy woman childbirth.

In life there are moments when the emotional perception of an important event as it covers his vision in terms of physiology. In psychology, such experiences are called vertices. When joint labor is not only a mother, but the father has the opportunity to see the uniqueness only been born baby.

And since the time of birth is seen as a triumphant result of joint work hard, often dominant emotion newfound father – is a delight and admiration, even a flattened nose, deformed baby’s head and generic grease with blood covering his body. At such moments are often not only the mother and the father can not hold back tears of joy.

Participation in labor allows a man to show his active fatherhood, which begins to form during his wife’s pregnancy when he tries to understand the state of the couple, to help her when learning to communicate with your unborn baby, attends classes in preparation for childbirth. For this Pope participate in childbirth is natural and naturally – is like another step on the path to realize a father. And for a couple, it will be a unique experience, common occurrence in new, unfamiliar world of a child.

Often in partnership birth father offered to cut the cord, and it is very symbolic moment – “separating” so the child from the mother, the father thus determines its place in his life. “ 

Fear of pain and fear to see his woman

Men fear contemplate anguish, fear of women. Pope used to perceive cry during labor only as a cry of pain, rather than a means of increasing their efforts. Feelings of helplessness when it can complement this state future father. 

Instructor in preparation for childbirth Lera Cherednychenko explains: 

“We so often interfere with the fear that something is wrong, do not like at all, anxiety because of the banal lack of information – of ignorance and misconceptions. Many are not experienced in obstetrics male births are as they are shown in movies: prostrate on the back a woman in labor, screaming, blood …

It is important to know about the real changes occurring in a woman and child during labor, and any attempts in the period after birth.Visiting antenatal courses, experience of friends, familiarity with medical institutions – all of which should help you get a correct idea of the generic process.

A expectant mother wanting to meet the arrival of the baby into the world with his father, in turn, must “show” the man what he was to her the most near and dear people, that if he is near, it will be easier that it needs his support.

The man should be the insistence that the birth of a new life – it’s not dirty or something terrible and wonderful, wonderful, the most significant and festive family event. It is the family, not just women. “ 

Misunderstanding of its role in childbirth

“And what would I do there? There enough doctors, “” Childbirth – unpredictable thing, I’m not sure how and what. Will only interfere. “Pope is not imagine the birth process in detail and do not see their role in them. 

Our consultant, instructor in preparation for childbirth Lera Cherednychenko answers: 

“Do not just give up the idea of joint labor.

First is meticulously understand – how, why and why labor together. This is best done in the courses for pregnant women. There’s a couple tell everything in detail, show a film about the joint labor, husband show, breathing techniques, relaxation, massage techniques analgesic during labor.

Coming “educational program” it will already know that, for example, most new mother needs support during the first stage of labor, and the second that she spends delivery room, the shortest.

Childbirth – a continuation of your love, event, fully owned by both women and men, and the role of the pope is no less important than the role of a mother.

And fathers deserve thanks for their help and support. “ 

User pope in partnership childbirth can be a preliminary step in understanding the involvement of the pope in partnership childbirth. 

Disappear sexually attracted to his wife, become impotent

One of the fears of expectant fathers – is the negative impact of contemplation of his wife in childbirth on sexual attraction to her.

Bogdan (wife and daughter Larissa Miroslavochka, 1 month.) “A little background. Historically, partnerships childbirth never in me did not cause much excitement (although I’m not timid), rather the contrary. Many comrades and acquaintances male were categorically against such an extreme and, I think, quite justified. But as they say, life goes on … After a course of theoretical training in the “ABC”, mentally and physically I was almost ready for the process of birth, the only thing that bothered as stages during childbirth will behave wife and I do not get a “hot hand”.

As always happened unexpectedly.

In the morning went into labor. Up to four they gained strength and in 4.40 we were in the hospital. Standard procedure for admission and registration took a little time and after half an hour we were in the delivery room. Contractions became stronger and stronger. As I understand it, especially the medical staff has not been configured on the moral support of mothers, so the whole shot had to take.In this, it seems to me, is the whole “highlight” partner deliveries. Until the moment of the appearance of the baby directly on the light passes some time and it seems that all it would take forever. Voltage increases, the fight intensified and lengthened. The presence of a partner relieves some of the stress, possible assistance – massazhik, stroking help relieve discomfort and give confidence to the woman that she is adrift and at any moment can count on the help and support. As a result, at 8.45 we were delivered safely with minimal medical intervention. Healthy Poppet proof.

In the end, I want to note that partnerships childbirth is not a panacea, all depends on the nature of the expectant mother and her attitude to her husband’s presence. And if both partners have a positive attitude, the result is always the best.

Here’s a story with a happy beginning. “

In general, we all went well, almost like the book. In the first period of different massage and posture facilitate the fight, but after touching any further became unpleasant and I was just there, talking, comforting, breathed with her, suffered with her a couple of times and even slept with her in between contractions. Did everything together.

After birth I have a question, why not go all the Pope to give birth? I myself felt that was useful more than I expected, my favorite was needed and was happy. Then, talking with Dasha, I found confirmation of their feelings and thoughts. After all, there is actually one woman in the delivery room, sometimes runs doctor and midwife and woman struggling so myself! Out from the pain may lose the passage of time, she may be afraid of, experience, cheat himself, etc.
 etc. A key help even less in terms of Bring-bring, and how to survive it all together. Help by talking to her, comforting her breathing, possibly somewhere directing. Just being and experience this event with her!

That is why a man in labor, it is important to know and understand the process of giving birth! Understand your soul mate and be ready to work with her. Be prepared to adequately respond to everything that happens, the behavior of physicians and spouses. What would be most useful. Then you will experience together incredibly happy time!

Pope! If you are thinking on joint delivery, it is best to go on courses for parents, along with his wife. If you would instead pass the course, and then find your own answers and be able to give birth TOGETHER! And believe me – it’s great fun!

Pope! Start at birth is necessary only with the full knowledge of what is happening! Do not go just to give birth, so go anyhow. You probably will not understand until the end of all that see a little can help, and will probably interfere. zametochku. Maybe someone will be helpful) We helped in childbirth very small receptions) When Dasha already strong contractions started, I said that this is the last, and all you need to endure it all. And when you start attempts, he would say that it is not our yet, do not heave, tolerant, our next (can not remember, I think the midwife said so.) When the doctor came, looked and listened disclosure baby, then leaving, said he would call an hour and a half. Then I tried to convince my wife that’s still a little left, will become a doctor and begin to give birth (with time and I myself believed in this))). Dasha then said that it is very easier to worry bout. We Dashunka born with a wonderful boy, we had a positive attitude and everything went great. They are my main and favorite heroes! I feel like the luckiest man in the world! PS Many thanks to all the staff of the ABC, and in particular, the Leray coach for their work. ” 

Partnership childbirth – it’s not just birth in the presence of a second parent. This birth with a close friend, life partner, who give confidence and will share their accommodation. Future father has the right to choose his or may not be at the birth of a child nearby. complete picture of the birth and help to make the right choice the future pope.

Successful partnerships all sorts!


Special thanks to the preparation of the material – and nstruktoru pre-natal family center “Alphabet for parents” Leray Cherednychenko!


Natalia Mazhirina 
Center “Alphabet for parents”

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