Nine-day diet

Get rid of the extra 3-9 pounds in nine days will help us, “the nine-day diet,” which has created a renowned dietician Queen Margarita. What should I eat while dieting? The first three days eat only rice, the next three days – the chicken or fish, in the final three days of eating vegetables. During this diet is replenished in the body vitamin and mineral complex and reduces the volume of the stomach. Very effective “nine-diet” in conjunction with exercise. Massage and water therapy during this diet will not be superfluous.

The first 3 days on the menu – rice, water and honey.

Figure prepared as follows:
In order to wash off the starch of rice do the following. Portion of rice (1 cup – 250g) evening pour cold water in the morning is thrown back in the colander and washed with cold water. Then we need to shift the distribution in the pan, pour the hot water in a 1:2 ratio and cook for 15 minutes. Figure 5-6 share equal parts and eat throughout the day. 20.00 should be eaten last portion of rice. With meals necessarily need to drink water, drinking water should be evenly evening drink a lot of water in any case. For example, after 19-20.00 must remain drunk one glass of water. The volume of water every day should be 2-2.5 liters.
Together with the rice and water we eat honey, 3 teaspoons a day. Honey should have a spoon, drinking waters.

Effect of rice acts as a sorbent, purifying our bodies of accumulated toxins.

The next 3 days on the menu: chicken (lean fish), water and honey.

For every day you need: chicken weighing about 1200-1300 grams or chicken or fish low-fat varieties (ice, cod, pollock, hake, etc.) 700-800 g – in a day, 2-2.5 liters of water, 3 teaspoons of honey.

Preparation: In the evening boil chicken or fish, a good cook in a double boiler. Before breakfast, drink 1 cup of water and eat chicken (fish). Chicken with skin carefully remove and throw out, and we eat, the whole leg and back part – about a fifth of the bird. The rest is detachable from chicken bones, skin is thrown back and mix red and white meat. Divide the weight by 5 pieces and eat throughout the day. But we must remember that the last meal should be no later than 19.00.

But if you decide to eat fish, you do the same – boiled fish fillets divide into 6 portions and eat throughout the day. You can eat fish with herbs (parsley, dill) – bit and allowed a few drops of lemon juice on each piece of fish.

Fish and chicken do not combine! There is one day chicken, fish on the second day – eg. Just like the first three days and need to drink water and eat honey.

Effect: in our body receives the protein, and fat cells out of fat.

In the final 3 days in the menu: vegetables, water and honey.

On each day you will need 1 kg of vegetables. Predominantly white and green (cabbage, zucchini, onion). Allowed carrots, squash, beets, tomatoes, but they need to take less than white and green. About a pound of finely cut vegetables and simmer in water or steamed. Of the remaining brush prepare salad:

Ingredients: 1 raw beet, 1 raw carrot, a few sheets of white cabbage, some fresh herbs, a few drops of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon water.

Preparation: rub the peeled vegetables on a coarse grater, cabbage and finely chopped greens. Mix the lemon juice and dressed with olive oil, add a tablespoon of water (so salad is juicier).

Every day share steamed vegetables into three pieces and salad brush also divide into three parts, and we eat during the day. All washed down with water and honey seizing the same pattern as in previous days.

Effect: Restores vitamin-mineral complex organism. Reduces the volume of the stomach.

With strict observance of “nine-day diet” people medium complexion lost 3-4 kg in humans fuller leaves 6-9 kg.

Queen Margaret advises that to maintain the effect of diet, you need to arrange a weekly Kefir discharge day.

But we must remember that:

– Cardiovascular diseases contraindicated plenty of fluids;
– Protein load (three days chicken or fish) are contraindicated for patients with renal disease, particularly if reduced kidney function.

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