Newborn: swaddle or not?

In our time on this issue not recorded. Opponents of changing, perhaps even more than the fans. After all, our grandparents dropped the question of whether or not to swaddle a baby: swaddling was the only possible way to abuse a child. This was due to the continuity of the experience of many generations of parents, which shows that swaddled baby is easier to handle, he is calmer and more awake. Weigh the “pros” and “cons” and decide whether it is necessary to swaddling your baby, you can, of course, only you.


What say supporters shirts and sliders?

  • The clothes baby can move as much as you want – this he quickly develops physically and mentally.
  • Wear baby easier than cover, and it does not require special skills, which is important if the mother plans to eventually leave the child with my father or other family members.
  • The clothes baby looks prettier than diapers. This is especially important for parents who lead an active life, often traveling with a baby or are visiting.
  • Some experts say that children in clothes are less likely to make diaper rash, as clothes – less layers of fabric than the diaper, which means that the child is not so hot and his skin breathe better. This statement can be attributed more to the children born in the summer, because in winter kids napkin is just warmer and more comfortable.


What supporters say diapers?

  • Unlimited around the world can scare a newborn, because the previous nine months he spent in a very confined space. Baby diapers give the same feeling of limited space, so that it is necessary in the early stages of his life, and with it to give a sense of comfort and security. Scarce feels almost like my mother’s tummy. 
  • The previous nine months had a baby in an environment with a temperature of 36,6 ° C. Not every child like that suddenly became just around 20 – 25 degrees. Swaddled infants warmer, and thus creates a diaper again for crumbs of comfort. Of course, ukutuyuchy child to consider the time of year.
  • There are children and they are not few, who can not sleep well without diapers. Their concern is most likely due to the previous two reasons. Anyway, diapers helps normalize sleep restless kids.
  • The baby moves less sleep arms and legs, and therefore can not scare yourself your own uncoordinated movements or inadvertently scratched himself.
  • And buying diapers and caring for them is likely to be cheaper cost to parents.


Tips for Parents

If you decide to swaddle a child should follow some rules.

  • Swaddling may cause harm if the child kept in diapers all the time. In this case, the child is really no way to move, and consequently develop. A decent alternative could be changing the child to sleep. Time awake child can spend in clothes or without taking air baths, engaging with mom recharging, moving and perceiving the world.
  • Swaddled baby calmer, less crying and demands, so the mother can give the false impression that the child nothing. It should be remembered that the child should eat at least once every four hours, and change the diaper around with the same interval.
  • Mom must learn to swaddle before birth. First, if you are first trying to swaddle your newborn baby, you most likely will be nervous. The child must be passed to your mood, and this may cause a backlash rack kid is not changing. Second, the greatest positive effect diaper give it at the earliest stages. Swaddling helps you sleep at the outset to explain baby the difference between sleep and wakefulness, and, in addition, produce a child wont sleep for a long time. Of course, this only works if you are willing to cover from the first day.
  • Diapers are usually small children after six months. This is the time when you can give up and changing the date of the child the opportunity to develop self-control techniques.

Experience shows that too many newborn necessary for normal functioning of swaddling on sleep. Even if you are not going to cover, giving birth to a child, you can see what your baby really needs it. Mom and baby will be more comfortable if the mother until the birth of the child already has the relevant skills. Because being pregnant, do not neglect the opportunity to learn how to swaddle. Health and peace to you and your baby!

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