Natural Cosmetics: the five best mask for hair loss


Proven masks from natural ingredients that will help make your hair thicker and stop hair loss.

Onion mask for hair

Mix a tablespoon of castor oil and freshly squeezed onion juice (no pulp), a teaspoon of alcohol tinctures of calendula, brandy, honey and add the egg yolk. Apply the resulting mixture to the hair roots, gently rubbing into the scalp, put on a hat and wrap cellophane on top of a towel (warm ingredients that are very effective homemade mask for hair loss will act much better). After an hour and a half, wash your hair as usual. Make a mask every 5-7 days, as a preventive measure – once in 7-14 days. To enhance the effect, you can add it milled clove of garlic into mush. Onion hair mask is effective even in the event of a large loss. Its main drawback – a specific smell (it can stay long enough, especially if the onion juice bad strain). Remove onion smell from your hair can by shaking them after washing fruit vinegar or lemon juice, as well as using a special scented hairspray.

Hair mask with yeast

Spread the warm milk 30-50 grams of yeast (best not to dry, and “live”, pressed) to a state of very thick slurry. Leave to ferment in a warm place for 30-40 minutes. Add the egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and brandy. Apply the mask on yourself yeast hair and scalp. Put cellophane cap, wrap head with a towel. Keep this homemade mask for hair loss you need at least an hour (or even better two), and then wash your hair as usual. If your hair fall out strongly – a mask with yeast can be done before every wash (but not more often than once every 2-3 days).

Hair Mask with mustard

It improves blood circulation in the scalp, “wakes up” the dormant hair follicles, nourishes and strengthens the hair itself. Dilute with hot water 2 tablespoons dry mustard powder, add egg yolk, 2 tablespoons olive oil (you can also take castor, burdock, and so on.), 1-2 teaspoons of honey. Rub the resulting mustard mask for hair in their roots, keep at least 15 minutes (ideally 45-30 min.). Do it once in 7-10 days. This home mask against hair loss is particularly recommended for oily hair, for sensitive scalp, it may not be appropriate. Also do not use it if damaged or irritated skin. If your hair is dry – add more oil, you can also pre-lubricated their tips. If the mask with mustard burns much – keep it smaller, you can also add honey to it less (than his more – the more “work” mustard).

Pepper Hair Mask

Mix 3-4 tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of crushed red pepper or alcohol tinctures (usually sold in a pharmacy) if candied honey, thick – it should be preheated in a water bath. All pepper mask for hair loss is ready! It remains to apply it to the scalp, rubbing the hair roots. Easy self-massage will enhance the ingredients of the mask. Then put on your head shrink cap, hold the mask 20-40 minutes. Do it 1-2 times a week: the mask with pepper hair stop hair loss, improve the nutrition of hair follicles, accelerate the growth of new hair.

The mask against hair loss with oils and vitamins

This homemade mask is especially good for dry, damaged, brittle, falling out due to lack of nutrients hair. Make it simple: Mix 1-2 tablespoons of tincture of calendula and castor oil (in equal parts), 1 egg yolk, ½ teaspoon on oil solutions of vitamins A and E. Rub the resulting mixture into the roots of the hair, put on their tips and comb hair to distribute the oil mask over their entire length. Keep this home hair mask hair loss can be 2-3 hours (to wrap my head is not required), make it worth 1-2 times a week. You can also add to the oil mixture 4-5 drops of essential oil (good for hair loss help ylang-ylang, cedar, nutmeg, Petitgrain, Bey, lavender, rosemary, tea tree).

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