Natural birth after cesarean

Modern women in labor after a previous cesarean increasingly have a choice: repeated cesarean or delivered vaginally. Choosing a natural birth after cesarean section, remember that they have their limitations and features.

According to statistics, 60-80% of those who dare to vaginal birth after cesarean, pass them successfully. Conditions for successful vaginal birth after cesarean:

  • minimum transverse scar on the uterus and other scars associated with caesarean section;
  • a normal pregnancy;
  • good health of pregnant and the child;
  • the correct position of the fetus;
  • placental location closer to the rear wall of the uterus near the bottom;
  • absence of factors that led to holding a previous caesarean section;
  • onset of labor in a set time frame;
  • successful natural childbirth in the past (up to a previous caesarean).

Remember that natural birth after cesarean section has two major differences from the other conditions:

  • not applicable stimulation (oxytocin) to childbirth were soft;
  • epidural anesthesia is not used because of the uterine scar.

Why normal birth after cesarean? Prove that natural birth after cesarean less complicated by large blood loss or infection. But at the same time, if vaginal delivery does not occur, a cesarean section becomes mandatory. In this case, it is fraught with complications has bólshimi than planned cesarean.

Substantial advantages of vaginal birth will be:

  • opportunity to hold the baby immediately after birth;
  • unhindered breastfeeding;
  • shorter period of stay in the hospital during the postpartum period;
  • rapid recovery after natural childbirth ;
  • lower material costs.

Contraindications to natural childbirth after cesarean section:

  • big baby (eg, weight more than 3.6 kg);
  • perenashivanie pregnancy;
  • obese expectant mother;
  • uterine rupture in the past;
  • Availability classic cut in the past – an increased risk of fracture;
  • more cesareans than vaginal delivery in the history of the expectant mother;
  • the presence of the same factors that led to cesarean section in the past.

Remember that, despite the absence of contraindications to natural childbirth after caesarean section in the expectant mother, they are not always possible. Not all of the hospital include professionals trained to such women in childbirth. Before choosing the hospital verify information on the availability with the necessary specialist expertise you.

Natural childbirth is worth to think about their ability, although they differ significantly from the caesarean section. Despite the fact that the birth will be the second, you may need preparation for childbirth naturally. Or you may decide to partner childbirth . And in fact, and in another case, childbirth preparation courses will do you good.

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