Most medical blood

Blood donated all of his life more than once. Blood – one of the most important substances the body and her condition can judge the health of the body as a whole. Any adverse change in the human body immediately appear in the blood and the concentration of the components. Medical Blood Tests appoints doctor to diagnose they can be a lot of problems of human health. The most common medical blood tests need to know well, so it’s better to be prepared before you go into that.


Total blood

Complete blood count (clinical) is considered the most simple and accurate view of the analysis. With it you can:
Check the availability of inflammation in the body, even subtle forms of

  • identify blood disorders
  • understand the root causes of allergies
  • learn about the immune system
  • see an excess or deficiency of essential blood components.

According to this analysis, the doctor may put a final diagnosis, find out how the human body copes with the disease and how strong the immune system of the patient. Blood is taken from a finger or vein, thus it is better not to eat for 2-3 hours before the procedure.


Biochemical analysis of blood

Equally important blood chemistry shows the contents of trace elements in it. With it you will learn:

  • the presence of inflammation;
  • existence of violations of water-salt metabolism;
  • imbalance of trace elements;
  • functioning of all organs and systems.

Before this analysis can not eat for about 8-12 hours, preferably come to take it in the morning on an empty stomach. You can not take a day before analysis tea, coffee, alcohol, milk and juices. In the morning you can drink only water. Blood is taken from a vein. Along with the basic blood chemistry data can show the state of blood cells, the level of hormones and other informative data.

Donate blood frustrating, but this analysis depends a lot on your medical history, because they are related to this fact with understanding.

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