Massage during labor

Massage during labor

Be sensitive to their feelings. Massage acts as a relief and relaxationduring labor. In addition to the general atmosphere at birth, there are specific techniques that help greatly facilitate the flow of combat.

You can use some simple massage movements, which are useful in the battles:

  • Stroking the abdomen lightly from the center to the sides;
  • Stroking the waist (it would be good to involve someone in the process);
  • A greater impact can be connected to the iliac bones – bones protruding on each side in the abdomen, pelvis angles;
  • If the sensations of pain in the lumbar region, they are often easier sufficient pressure with a fist or wrist on the sacrum.

Obstetrician in this massage can also connect the impact of aromatherapy – the natural oils (very important that were not synthetic, that can hurt) .Chasche all during labor using lavender oil, which anesthetizes; rose or chamomile to relax; clary sage, which enhances the generic activities and help relieve stress.

Sometimes flavor and light candles to help distract from pain.

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