Lose Weight in the sides

Lose Weight in the sides

The girl is the most problematic areas on the body, it legs, flanks, belly and ass.To them there was no excess fat, and the figure has been tightened, you should do and consider the important points.

So, how to lose weight in the sides?

To begin, you need to eliminate from the diet all fried and fatty foods, as well as sugar.

The best way to get rid of fat on the sides, do this exercise for the obliques, namely:

  1. The most simple exercise, it tilts. Do them first in one direction and then in another. And also tilts forward and back. Try to touch the tips of the toes.
  2. Jumping on the rope, it is the most effective exercise for burning calories. Do 3 sets of 50 times.
  3. Lie on your right side. Bend your arm at the elbow under the head and in the rest position, raises his left leg. Do 3 sets of 10 times. Then lie down on the other side and do the same.

For a start, these exercises will be enough. You will begin to notice how your tummy and hips will be more fit. But do not forget to follow the diet.

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