Lose Weight in legs

Lose Weight in legs

If you are on a diet, you lose weight the whole body. But diet is not always there to be effective, so you need to make your schedule and training.

If you have problems with excess weight in my legs, I can give you an example of sports exercises that should be done daily.

So, how to lose weight in your legs?

  1. The first exercise, it will be jumping rope. Take the rope and jump, then land only on the entire foot. If you jump on your toes, then your feet will swing and not lose weight. Jump 3 minutes.
  2. Just keep jumping, but now my legs alternately, exposing one or the other forward. Jump 2 minutes.
  3. Now jump, changing the legs, as if from one foot to the other. Or if it is more convenient, you first jump on one foot and then the other. So 3 minutes.
  4. After these jumps, we need to restore breathing. So walk around the room and rises, then give up.
  5. For the next exercise, we need a chair with a backrest. Take it. Stand behind him and holding his hands behind the back. Ups to the legs were at an angle 90 degrees. Do 2 sets of 10 times.
  6. This exercise is the same as the previous one, except that now, spread the feet apart and squat at an angle of 90 degrees. Do 2 sets of 10 times.

So I gave you an example of exercises for weight loss in the legs. Try to do them correctly so that the back is flat.If you feel a tremor in the legs, then you’re doing it right.

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