Lose weight by using activated carbon

Lose weight by using activated carbon

Runs a rumor that there is a new way of losing weight that does not require a lot of money, is a very fast and efficient. Many argue that you can lose weight with a simple activated carbon.

But let’s discuss this question: “Is it true that you can lose weight with activated charcoal?”

First of all, you should know that activated charcoal prints all harmful substances accumulated in our body. He just cleans our body eliminates toxins. But does not contribute to weight loss. So the answer to this question is “No”. You can not lose weight just by using activated carbon.

If you want to achieve something, so you need to change your diet, and just include the activated carbon, only then can appear any results.

Dieting, drink activated charcoal before breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same proportion: Divide your body weight by 10. So many tablets you should drink per day. And spread out into 3 doses write on equal portions.

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