Lamaze method – a way to naturalness

Modern natural childbirth carried out throughout the world – is mostly Lamaze childbirth method. Lamaze Method (or Lamaze method) is named for its creator, French obstetrician Fernand Lamaze and a neurologist (other sources: Fernand Lamaze).

Lamaze method, developed in 1951, combines the method and the method of Reed Velvovskogo. Bringing success with Parisian women in childbirth, with time he became actively used in Italy, Spain, South American States. Later, he gained popularity among parents all around the world.

Preparing for childbirth by Lamaze is based on several components:

  • positive modeling of future genera (meditation on Lamazou);
  • delivery partnerships (with the presence of her husband);
  • elaboration of conditioned reflexes (in practice for pregnant women);
  • control their own physiological responses settled during prenatal training;
  • ability to properly relax (including relaxation through touch partner leave, relaxation exercises, concentration, etc.);
  • breathing exercises (rhythmic breathing techniques involved partner in breathing).

Lamaze method is considered to be very close, our psychoprophylactic preparation for childbirth. The reason for that – the doctrine of reflexes Pavlov, which underlies the preparation for childbirth by Lamazou. Gaining these reflexes and skills to make future mothers on special antenatal classes, which are now visited by millions of couples. Unique and that such training courses for childbirth are not only midwives or other health professionals, but also non-medical professions trained specialists.

Lamaze method is shown to those women who have been quiet during physiological pregnancy. It aims to use the opportunity to control their mothers most genera manage. Mastered the ability to allow a woman to remove useless reaction of the body and use only helps reflexes. One of the major advantages of Lamaze childbirth is to establish emotional ties “wife – husband” and “child – a parent.”

First religious mothers believed Lamaze natural childbirth without pain in his method of sin. But over time, even the Vatican made an official message on the approval of natural pain relief during labor. Today, according to statistics, more than 150,000 classes for expectant mothers conducting classes in Lamaze method.

Let your baby come into this world in happiness! 

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