Jillian Michaels diet of

Jillian Michaels is a famous personal trainer in the United States. It is engaged in drawing up diets for each person separately. Because you can not use all the same diet as the metabolism is different for everyone.

Carefully to lose weight, you need to go in for sports. She has a different set of training on the disks that you can find and order in the store.

But that also includes diet from Jillian Michaels in Russian?

Each person is their menu. What it includes:

1) If you have a slow metabolism, the emphasis is on the increase in the total amount of complex carbohydrates consumed. And as fast, then you need to call for help low-fat proteins.

2) Every day you have to calculate energy expenditure based on daily activities, metabolic rate, and a training program. You can use any online calculator calorie consumption.

3) Now you need from that obtained in the second paragraph calories subtract 400-600 calories. You will receive the amount of “energy reserve”, which will be sufficient to maintain the body with the physical training. In this case, trimmed calories impact as losing excess weight.

Given all this, you can lose weight for yourself, eat what you want, but counting calories.

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