Is it dangerous swelling in pregnancy?

Many women give birth is well known that such swelling. Most often they occur in the later stages. Swelling is called a condition where the tissues collected excess fluid. We see it as a swelling, which first appears on the face, legs, hands. The danger for the health of mother and baby depends on the intensity of edema.


Why is there swelling?

If pregnancy weight women increased by an average of 10 kg, of which not less than 5-6 kg have to water. Fluid retained almost all tissues except bone, but to varying degrees.

In the first three months of process water retention in the body of a pregnant woman barely noticeable. Then gradually she observes the loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin on the arms, legs and stomach. After the person becomes more rounded. Finally, in the last three months of pregnancy often appear swelling of the legs and to a lesser extent – the hands, face, back, abdomen. Tapping a finger on the front leg where the bone is covered only the skin, leaving a hole that is not directly aligned. This is a clear sign of the presence of edema. On threat and occurrence of edema judged harshly by nadbavtsi weight. If weight increases gradually, then worry not about that: the development of the pregnancy is normal. For this reason it is necessary routine weighing of pregnant women. If the swelling process started very strongly, you should inform your doctor. This phenomenon may indicate a latent disorders.


Normal or pathology?

Established that in pregnant women evenly accumulated sodium, as in the bloodstream (blood) and in soft tissues. Sodium has the ability to attract water. Because of the propensity of pregnant women to delay sodium and water and there are physiological swelling, especially after the triggering factors (abuse of salty food, physical overload, hot weather). Similar swelling natural and do not pose health risks.

Along with excessive weight gain may appear resistant edema, leading to complications of pregnancy and are defined as edema during pregnancy. Edema of pregnancy, usually expressed dramatically: premium body weight of 10-15 kg or more, severe swelling of the legs, face, arms, back, abdominal wall. Woman gets hard vzutysya, squeeze your fingers into a fist, bend down.

Fortunately, the original form of preeclampsia is reversible. Fruit suffer a little, but you need to treat dropsy, or symptoms may progress to a more severe form of preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia – a late toxicosis, in which there are severe swelling, high blood pressure, high protein in the urine. All these factors greatly increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. Preeclampsia is treatable, but it should spend in the hospital under the supervision of a specialist.


Treatment of edema in pregnancy

Some people believe that you can get rid of edema by reducing the amount of fluid intake. In the case of pregnancy denial of fluid will cause the body begins to accumulate water and swelling may become stronger. Do not eat salty and fatty foods, meats, spicy foods, carbonated drinks and coffee. Expectant mothers are recommended to rest for at least 10 hours a day (not including day of rest). Before going to sleep at his feet lay a roller. With very tired legs can do warm bath, foot massage. Particularly useful are systematic walks in the fresh air.

Treatment of edema in pregnancy usually starts with the above recommendations. The attending physician should monitor weight gain. You must also keep track of the number of allocated and consumed by the body fluids.

Much depends on the outcome of the analysis. If the urine turns white, especially against high blood pressure and shortness of breath, you need inpatient treatment aimed at removing the cause of the formation of edema, improvement of the kidneys and heart, utero-placental blood flow. Appointed vitamins – magnesium, vitamin E and lipoic acid.

Drug treatment of edema during pregnancy only if the required accompanying violation of the major organs (liver, kidney, heart), because diuretics during pregnancy may be used only in extreme cases, the large number of contraindications and side effects, and the likely toxic effects on the fetus.

Important to note that in each individual case assignment will be different because the treatment of edema during pregnancy can and should appoint only specialist and only the results of the full survey! Do not worry about appointments: in the treatment necessarily matched potential risks and likely benefits. 

Health to you and your baby!

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