Interesting facts about blood

Interesting facts about blood

Doctors became interested in blood group compatibility when blood donations became a large deficit.

It is about the Second World War, when at times it was difficult to choose the right group for the patient. It was then and there was something called the theory of compatibility.

All patients began to pour the first negative blood group, which is usually denoted by O (I) -. She was considered more or less compatible with all other groups. Later it turned out that it is not, happening and incompatibility.But in extreme cases, O (I) – poured all those in need, with only a limited quantity.

Blood, as a result dinner

According to one theory, the blood is divided into groups due to the fact that the ancestors of modern humans in ancient times ate different food. All lived in different conditions, mined for food that go well, that’s blood all get different. Yuri Levchenko, Doctor of Psychology, put the system.According to him, the first group of blood descendants gave hunters, tillers second, third, nomads, and the fourth came from those who have ancestors in the number of simultaneous Indo-Europeans and Mongoloids. And the owners of each of the blood groups has its own memory regarding food preferences and the corresponding perception of various foods. Some doctors recommend to form your diet, taking into account the blood group. As you can guess, the holders of the first group are more suitable for meat and fish dishes. Carriers of the blood of the second group are advised to lean on vegetables and fish, and the rest would be better to have on the table fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals.

What is the blood – and such disease

Psychologist Masahiko Nomi examined the relationship between blood groups and disease. And he was able to find such a relationship. As it turned out, those who have the first group of blood, often suffer from diseases of the digestive system, such as gastric ulcer, gastritis and colitis. Carriers of the second group at risk of catching diabetes, asthma or rheumatism. By having a third group is easier to cling to low back pain and sciatica, and the fourth – colds. That should think twice, that is, not to add yourself problems.

Ketsu-eki-gata much

The Japanese popular is the doctrine called Ketsu-eki-gata, according to which a person is easy to understand, knowing his blood. The teachings of the ninth decade, and it states that carriers of the first group of blood and sociable activity, the second – pillar, quiet but persistent. Imperious character and creativity characteristic of the owners of the third group. And those who have the fourth group of blood, have undoubted leadership qualities.

Ketsu-eki-gata penetrated all spheres of life of the Japanese. Acquainted with the man – tell him about my blood group and are looking for a life partner – and even more so. Moreover, Japanese HR-specialists without information about the blood group does not recommend taking man for the job. There is even a certain technique, allowing for blood to determine the composition of the workforce, ideal for performing certain tasks.

Blood may vary

It turns out that a group of blood – not always constant for the human body. Although the theory and practice of saying that some of the characteristics of the human body are given once and for all life, and that including blood group, exceptions occur. Little to Australian Demi-Lee Brennan transplanted liver, and the doctors were surprised to find the change in the Rh factor from minus to plus.

In animals, there is a lot of blood groups

Cows may have more than eight blood groups, cats – eleven dogs – as much as the people. This, according to scientists, is often a barrier to interbreeding.

Least of all blood AB (IV) Rh-

Only every hundredth inhabitant of the planet is the fourth group with Rh negative blood. Mainly carriers such blood – Caucasians and African-Americans, according to the American Red Cross.They are followed by the owners of B (II) Rh- and O (I) Rh-. Forward-carriers such groups themselves provide donor blood, storing it in a special refrigeration units.

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