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If women during pregnancy, fever, or panic? Of pregnancy – a joyful, but at the same time a very important time in a woman’s life. It is not surprising that the appearance of symptoms such as fever pregnant woman begins to panic. However, instead of having to expose your nervous system stress, which can not affect the baby, it is better to consult a doctor who discovers the cause of the temperature, determine the gravity of the state for the child and recommend what to do in such a case.

If the temperature increases slightly, and is not accompanied by other signs of colds or inflammation in the first trimester of pregnancy, this phenomenon may be caused by reaction to the high production of progesterone. This hormone is responsible for maintaining pregnancy, as a result of its effects on the hypothalamic thermoregulatory centers may be just a slight fever. On average pregnancy changes in hormonal levels and accelerate metabolism may be accompanied by an increase in temperature of 1 degree. However, this condition is considered natural only in the initial stage of pregnancy.

As the pregnancy in any way captures one of the periods of seasonal colds rarely that a woman is unable to pass the time of pregnancy without the disease. A reduction of the protective functions pregnant through natural mechanism immunnosupressii makes it more vulnerable to various infections and viruses. If the temperature of pregnancy is accompanied by nasal congestion and sneezing, cough and fatigue, in the presence of all the signs of colds. High thus may indicate infection with a viral infection, which is particularly dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy.

It is believed that a short-term rise in temperature during pregnancy within one and a half degrees does the fetus malicious actions and poses no threat to his health. But in any case it is a pretext for going to the doctor, especially if the temperature is above 38 degrees lasts several hours and is not reduced by such folk remedies as sponging the body with a sponge, taking a shower with cool temperatures, excessive drinking. Use to reduce the temperature of any drugs is only possible after consultation with the doctor, who may prescribe drugs paratsetamolsoderzhaschih use as a medicine containing aspirin is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy.

With a significant increase in body temperature during pregnancy should not panic, but should urgently seek medical attention. In some cases, the temperature during pregnancy may be due to a disease like angina. In this pregnant experiencing severe pain in the throat, aggravated by swallowing, on the back wall of the larynx may occur white patches and ulcers. This condition is caused by a serious viral infection and dangerous that in addition to temperature effects on the fetus and can provide intoxication which develops in the mother. Treated in this case people’s means – it means losing precious time that is necessary for the rapid decrease in temperature and excretion of accumulated toxins pregnant. Otherwise, the toxins can enter the bloodstream of the fetus and have an adverse impact on its development and the state of his health.

Timely treatment for medical care is also important because the long-term rise in temperature in pregnant may have teratogenic effects (impairment of embryonic development under the influence of drugs, viruses), especially during the formation of fetal internal organs and systems. This increases the risk of defects in the cardiovascular and central nervous system of the fetus.

Prolonged fever in pregnant women can lead to changes in protein synthesis, cause a state change of the placenta, which increases the risk of premature birth. Therefore, in any manifestation of an increase in temperature of a pregnant, she should seek medical attention and hold it under the supervision of the necessary treatment that will prevent the development of adverse effects and ensure further normal pregnancy.

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