How to return to the family passion sex?

How to return to the family passion sex?

Having sex (or love – it is, as you wish) – one of the essential forms of communication between man and woman. In particular, if you are married. Sex really is incredibly important for those who have time to settle down. That is to grow a house, plant a tree and build a son. Or something like that. But, after a few years of living together will almost certainly be observed cooling between partners and increasingly rare bout in bed. We will try to help and prevent such outrages.

So the first thing sexologists advise to try to be more active or aggressive. For women – kissing all over the body, men and gentle whisper of his fantasies in his ear, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye biting his plump lips. And, of course, improvisation. To the best of course. Men are very fond of it, honest pioneer! For men: stop being predictable male, do everything according to instructions, as at work. Do not hesitate to gently bite his partner, to bring to the cause of their skillful (and we do not doubt it) hands. Spontaneous actions, according to scientists, are able to leave a pleasant and unforgettable mark on your sex life. And the word! Do not forget the words! We all know that women love with their ears, is not it?

Appearance spouses can also play an important role in high-quality sexual relations. Be attractive to each other – this is quite natural. However, sexuality is not always synonymous with frank appearance. We can talk about something else completely: Sex in clothing, for example. Do not forget about the flavors of your body. New scent for the nose, both men and women will necessarily play into the hands of your thrills on the table, on the floor or on the balcony.

Still, the main point was and still is – that communication. Try not to withdraw into themselves and their translational motion. Make sounds, talking to each other about what you want, do not hesitate to call each other pleasing to the ear of each word. Regardless of the fact whether it is obscene word, or something like “fish” and “Tiger”.

Well, the main thing – to give to your loved one as if it were your last. And so – every time. Again and again.

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