How to determine the date of birth

Expectant parents, especially mothers, want and even need to know the time of delivery. 100% guarantee to determine the exact date of birth can not be nobody but about medicine can prevent us about it. Let’s learn how to determine the date of birth.

How to determine the date of birth: Ways 

Terms birth of modern medicine defines using several methods.

Setting deadlines for delivery. Method 1 
To one day last menstruation ensuing need to add 280 days. Or 1 day of the last menstrual period subtract the ensuing three months, and then add the 7 days. In I and II in the case of obtaining the date – the approximate delivery date.

How to determine the date of birth

Setting deadlines for delivery. Method 2 

If your menstrual cycle is regular, scheduled from 1 day (already unaccrued) menstruation subtract 14-16 days. So set the day of conception. From this date forward delivery date.

We remind you that obstetric month (lunar month) is 28 days. Pregnancy lasts for 10 months midwifery.

Setting deadlines for delivery. Method 3 
The timing of delivery can be made on objective grounds, established by the physician. Their list includes the determination of the height of the uterine fundus, the volume of the stomach, head size, fruit length, size of the uterus. But the accuracy of this method for determining the will depend on the individual child’s development.

Setting deadlines for delivery. Method 4 
It is the timing of childbirth first appearance in the antenatal clinic. The accuracy of this method will depend on the earlier appearance in the antenatal clinic. If the appeal was in the first 12 weeks, the delivery date will be set with the least error.

Setting deadlines for delivery. Method 5 
For nulliparous expectant mother to the date of the first stirring of a child during pregnancy, we add 20 weeks. For multiparous add the 22 weeks. For this method usually correct the error in 1-2nedeli.

1 and 5 ways to determine the timing childbirth assistants easier calculation can become ruler obstetric and midwifery calendars.

That may affect the delivery time inaccurate 

Exact terms of labor may interfere install several factors:

  • You can know the date of intercourse, but not know the date of fertilization;
  • ovulation occurs between 8 and 16 days of the menstrual cycle – fertilization could be between 8 and 18-21 days cycle;
  • not always the menstrual cycle is 28 days;
  • subjective determination of fetal movements;
  • duration of pregnancy may not be 40, and 37-38 weeks or 42 weeks;
  • Multiple pregnancy may lead to birth at 1-2 weeks earlier than usual due date;
  • expectant mother disease: diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Without setting deadlines estimated delivery hardly do at least some preparation for childbirth . But, as shown by studies of American experts on the basis of thousands of births, 95% of the actual birth dates did not coincide with the original date. Should not psychologically adjust to 100% accuracy the date fixed for delivery. Remember that the estimated date of delivery (EDD), but are under systematic supervision of a physician.

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