How to determine that leak and water?

Leakage of amniotic fluid during pregnancy – is a serious symptom that can not be missed. For such a condition can lead to infection of the fetus in utero, premature birth and other complications.

Leaking water due to premature rupture of membranes. Integrity of these membranes is necessary to maintain sterile conditions intrauterine existence kid, and their gap creates a gateway for infection. The most dangerous situation occurs when mikrorazryvplodnyh shells and water trickling slowly, mixing with vaginal secretions. A doctor at the maternity survey might not notice a violation of the integrity of membranes, especially if the defect is not near the cervix, and high. This gives rise to the entrance gate for infection. If amniotic fluid leak and for more than 32 hours and no treatment is prescribed, intrauterine infection of the fetus develops in 100% of cases. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis of microscopic membranes. 

For amniotic fluid can be taken during pregnancy increased vaginal secretion, sweating in the crotch area or characteristic last weeks of pregnancy slight incontinence. However, caring for the welfare of the baby, noting the changing nature of vaginal discharge, pregnant mom should adhere to the principle “Every fluid secreted from the vagina should be treated as amniotic up until proven otherwise its origin.” To differentiate amniotic fluid from urine or vaginal secretions used special test Actim PROM. It can be purchased at the pharmacy and ask your gynecologist to conduct safe diagnostic procedure. 

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