How to choose the hospital?

Childbirth today can go in almost any hospital of choice of the parents. Should not have compassion on the selection and arrangement, it is important to know how to choose the hospital correctly. So, we propose the basic steps for orientation on “roddomovskoy terrain.”

List of demands to the maternity hospital 

Start with a real list of basic requirements for the maternity hospital of your choice.On it you will be able to affix a “tick” each maternity hospital, which you consider. The list may enter the following criteria:

  • distance from home;
  • position with respect to the hospital of natural childbirth;
  • opportunity to partner deliveries and visits to relatives;
  • position the hospital for breastfeeding;
  • cost of labor;
  • price paid postpartum Chamber;
  • anesthesia used, choice;
  • services for an additional fee;
  • possibility of delivery to your doctor appointment;
  • the possible presence of an instructor in childbirth ;
  • opportunity to take a comfortable position for mothers (necessary conditions), etc.

Conditions and equipment in the hospital 

Although being in the hospital is not so long, yet the conditions it is important. Read about the conditions:

  • in the pathology of pregnancy, where you may have to lie on saving;
  • in labor wards;
  • in postnatal wards (free and paid);
  • location and plumbing shower and toilet (in the House or on the floor).

Do not want to learn more about heating and if you due date falls on a cold season. Dates of last renovation in the hospital can also tell you a lot.

Medical equipment, its novelty and quality play an important role. Especially for expectant mothers with problems during pregnancy, consisting at risk for complications during childbirth. Not all of the hospital can boast the latest equipment, but more importantly, to the hospital was the most in need:

  • equipped department of adult and pediatric intensive care, intensive care unit;
  • sufficient equipment, equipment for the conduct of a difficult delivery.

Try to know when it was last updated equipment hospital. In private clinics make sure that all the necessary conditions are in intensive care availability, and they are certified.

Well, if there is in the hospital delivery room with a bath, where you can remove the pain, the Swedish side, fitball to alleviate the condition, high chair for vertical delivery, bed-transformer. Do not forget to learn about nutrition in the hospital.

Nursing staff 

Nurses – this is one of the most important criteria for the delivery. Also reviews of doctors and midwives taking delivery, great value and will be reviewed on neonatology, which in the early days will monitor the baby’s health . If you definitely will need anesthesia, the anesthesiologist is also important qualification. In some cases, important will be reviewed on cardiology, infectious disease, nephrology hospital. Not critical, but will be significant reviews of junior staff the hospital.

When choosing a doctor, attending the delivery, it is important to focus on the basic criteria:

  • psychological comfort in his presence, credibility and comfortable communication;
  • position relative to the doctor of natural childbirth, especially after cesarean delivery regarding partnerships;
  • relation to the choice of physician anesthesia;
  • enthusiasm physician’s medical activity intervention in the natural process of birth;
  • doctor’s experience in taking delivery, especially like yours, especially if there are any;
  • qualification of the doctor;
  • opportunity to see a doctor at the onset of labor, regardless of his work schedule;
  • ability to communicate on a personal phone in cases of complications prenatal period;
  • attention to the doctor during your pregnancy, its requirements according to information and analysis before delivery.

Change doctor also never too late if you feel not confident with it. But the reasons for the change of physician needs to be justified.

Many pregnant mothers still prefer childbirth with rescue team. Read reviews of these genera in this hospital.

Sources of information about hospital 

Learn more about the hospital and medical staff can be from various sources:

  • forums for moms (reviews and stories about childbirth);
  • stories about childbirth sites;
  • stories of friends, acquaintances, neighbors, large mothers in the antenatal clinic;
  • recommendation gynecologist your prenatal;
  • the hospital site with pictures and forum;
  • tour of the hospital (at birth by agreement);
  • Up to the hospital (it is better to talk to the administration).

So, how to choose a hospital, you know. But the hospital and doctors – this is just the natural process of birth assistants. You positive mood and successful delivery!

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